6 videos that would make anyone with claustrophobia extremely uncomfortable

We all have fears. Some people are afraid of the dark, some are afraid of flying, and others are absolutely terrified of being trapped in confined spaces — that last kind of person is referred to as claustrophobic. Claustrophobia is an anxiety disorder, and sufferers can often have extreme panic attacks when in, or even thinking of being in small places. Triggers may include being inside an elevator, a tiny room with no windows, or being on an airplane.

For some people dealing with claustrophobia, it’s not necessarily the tight spaces that trigger the anxiety, but the fear of what can happen to them if they get stuck in that space — like, not being able to breathe properly, running out of oxygen, and just generally being restricted. Which is why people with claustrophobia will go to great lengths to avoid this ever happening. They may opt to take the stairs instead of an elevator, they may skip the subway, and they’ll probably turn down that Groupon for 2-for-1 for a tanning salon.

It’s reported that up to 5% of Americans experience claustrophobia. And if you’re in that percentage, the clips below may make you extremely uncomfortable.

1This exploration of tunnels: Fear Factor style.


The chances of you finding yourself in this situation is highly unlikely. Well, unless you decided to go on Fear Factor, which you probably shouldn’t risk doing if you’re claustrophobic. Plus, we’re pretty sure the video alone will make you cringe in your seat. Contestants race against each other and the clock as they swim through a dark, winding, and extremely narrow underwater tunnel. They’re able to come up for air, but instead of freedom, they’re greeted with metal bars, essentially keeping them trapped.

2This video of being trapped in an elevator.


If you’re claustrophobic, you probably make a very real effort to avoid elevators at all costs. But the terrified tone in this woman’s voice will be enough to make you uncomfortable and also reaffirm your choice to avoid the tiny but potentially dangerous moving boxes.

3This tour through underwater caves.


An underwater adventure sounds delightful, in theory. When you’re claustrophobic, the last thing you want to do is swim down to the bottom of the ocean to explore narrow caves with their sharp openings threatening to snag your gear and keep you trapped forever.

4This One Man Army challenge.


The thought of being buried alive is scary to most people, but for someone dealing with claustrophobia, it can be downright crippling. The One Man Army challenge shows what it’s like being trapped in a coffin-like box with only a hole small enough to stick your nose out for air. While you’re not technically 6ft under and there is no dirt, we imagine the effect might be similar.

5This Cube movie clip.


Again, this situation is enough to terrify (and kill) anyone, but for the claustrophobic, it’s a whole other level of fear. The clip shows a group of trapped in a small room made up of cubes that contain boobytraps. Not only are you stuck in this room with several people, but your movement is also incredibly limited — one wrong step could lead to your untimely death. Tiny room, a group of strangers huddled together fighting for oxygen. It really doesn’t get more uncomfortable than that.

6This Final Destination tanning mishap.


Tanning beds are traps. Plain and simple. Anyone who’s claustrophobic knows that.