6 things you and your roommate should do when you move in that you’ll be thankful for when you move out

Moving is so stressful, which is why when you finally get all of your belongings into your new place and start to post up, the very last thing you want to think about is the day you shove it all back into boxes and move out. But the truth is, when we’re young and bouncing between rentals and roommates, moving again is almost inevitable. So it’s worth taking some time and making sure you and your roommate do things when you move in that will make moving out easier when the lease is up.

It can seem totally neurotic, but seriously, life will be so much easier if you take the time to be organized.

Moving can be such a nightmare that some mental health pros rank it high up there on the “things you totally should freak out about” list, like grief or breakup-level stressful. And that makes sense if you think about it — you’re changing the whole scene! Even if you’re upgrading your apartment and your roommate situation, it’s still crazy arduous to move and settle in, especially right after you went through the living hell that is actually finding a place in the first place to move into.

Ugh, we’re getting hives just thinking about. Here’s how to make your life a teensy bit easier come moving day.

1Do a deep clean together.

Yes, you are going to live in this space, and it’s going to get dirty. But starting with a clean slate means it can only get so dirty. Get the corners that are going to blocked by furniture, and scrub that refrigerator. That way you won’t have to do so much work when you move out and are worried about your deposit.

2Check for problems.

You might have done this before you signed a lease, but do a full-on check of what works and what doesn’t. Check for water damage on the ceilings or a door knob that’s about to fall off. And then tell your landlord, so when they come and do a check later on, you’ll know what’s your problem and what’s not.

3Figure out who owns what.

If you guys are going in on furniture or new kitchen stuff to share, that’s great! But don’t be shy about making sure everyone knows what will happen to your shared belongings when you move out. Figuring it out later will suck, especially if you’re not really friends anymore after living together so long. It happens more often than you think.

4Tip your movers.

If you’re lucky enough to afford movers on the way in, make sure you treat them right and keep their number for next time (especially if they’re hot, which let’s be honest, so many movers are).

5Save what you can.

If you have storage room (and that’s a big if), break down your boxes and store them for later. Nothing is more annoying than having to go from bodega to grocery store and back trying to collect boxes every time you move, except maybe paying actual money for new boxes. If you can keep a stack of them in the back of a closet or under a bed do it, especially OG boxes for your TV and stuff.

6Get the utilities in order.

Sometimes we move in and the previous tenant’s name is still on the gas bill or something. It’s a pain in the butt, but spending a morning doing some admin work and setting up your business the right way will make it easier to transfer things later. Look at you, adulting like a pro.