6 perfect things to do with your friends if you’re not going home for the holidays

Seems like everyone you know is taking a selfie with their nephew and posting hilarious updates about their 70-year-old grandma discovering Snapchat Christmas filters. But not everyone gets to (or wants to) go home for the holidays. Some have to work over the break, others might not have the finances to buy a plane ticket home, or maybe going home might not be the healthiest option. Whatever the case may be, it’s okay. We each have our own way of celebrating the holidays so don’t fret! There are so many things to do with your friends that you can have as much or maybe even more fun than your friends on Facebook!

We put together a little list of fun things you can do to make this holiday season one for the books!

1 Holiday themed sleepover party!


Who says you can’t have sleepovers after high school? We don’t care how old we get, we will always make time for indoor forts and s’mores. Channel your inner child and let loose!

2 Creative gingerbread house contest


Some families make a whole night out of building gingerbread houses only to tear them down and eat them with hot chocolate. Take it up a notch with your friends and get creative! Build a gingerbread Deathstar or a gingerbread version of your favorite brunch spot. No need to go traditional when you are the one creating the memories.

3 Holiday drink tasting


Like wine tasting but with holiday drinks. Have a new eggnog recipe you want to try? Is your friend a master at making coquitos? Been craving homemade spiced apple cider? Now is the time to indulge and try them all!

4 Movie marathon


What’s better than being in your PJs all day and watching your favorite movie series? With Rogue One out in theaters, seems like the perfect time to refresh yourself on some Star Wars lore.



While the holidays are usually a time to indulge, it’s also a time to give back to others. Find a local organization that may need help over the holidays and see if you can fill in a gap. Or clean out your closet and donate all the winter clothes that you never wear. A little goes a long way.

6 Catch-up on life


Sometimes having time to just like, you know, read or clean or catch up on all the TV shows everyone can’t stop talking about is a break on its own. Having a messy apartment can be stressful or not letting your mind explore a Stranger world could make you feel left out. Grab your friends and help each other catch up on the day-to-day stuff you’ve been putting off forever. It will feel soooooo good to get those dishes done. Finally.

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