6 Things Inspired By Tinder

Do you remember when Tinder was the new app in town early last year? A lot has changed since its 2012 debut. Not only is it popular among celebrities now, but it’s providing inspiration for other apps and pop culture phenomena. Whether you’ve downloaded Tinder before or not, you can’t deny it’s an idea that has legs and lots of room for creative development. Here are a few things that came to life, all thanks to the fiery little app you use to find nearby dates.

1. BarkBuddy

Designed with a similar look to Tinder, BarkBuddy helps prospective canine owners find the perfect match with its PetFinder database. It doesn’t serve the same purpose as Tinder, but it’s meant to have an identical swiping and profile setup. If it can help a sweet little furry friend land a nice owner, I’d say BarkBuddy is a splendid addition to the app scene.

2. Tinder the Musical!

Funny or Die did an amazing job with this hilarious fake musical video! Here’s hoping Tinder doesn’t inspire an actual musical anytime soon. I’m not sure I could sit through it without tearing up.

3. You&Me

HowAboutWe’s new app for couples seems like the committed relationship’s version of Tinder, as it enables users to share content like songs, photos and texts with one’s significant other. I can’t say Tinder is directly responsible for You&Me, but it did put the concept of dating apps on the map, and now people who are happily in love can be part of the club as well.

4. Hukkster

The shopping app uses Tinder’s interface, and it’s definitely not the first to do so. Stylect, Mallzee and Kwoller all emulated Tinder’s glossy look for a very different purpose. But hey, it’s working out for everybody!

5. Local Attraction

Local Attraction is an amazing web series inspired by Tinder, and the pilot is so true to the NYC dating experience. If you’re going to use apps to meet people, beware of finance dudes like Trent in the first episode.

6. Love Me, Tinder

Chicago’s Public House Theater hosts a play twice a week called Love Me, Tinder, written and directed by Byron Hatfield. “One minute, I’d never heard of this thing, and suddenly Tinder had spread like wild-fire,” said Hatfield. “And it’s different than just Internet dating. Almost everyone who works at this theatre is constantly using it. I felt I had to write a play for them.”

From puppy apps to fake musicals to real plays and web series, Tinder is one meaty business model.

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