6 Steps To Throwing A Movie-Themed Slumber Party

When is the last time you had a slumber party? Like, a REAL slumber party. Not just a crash-at-your-friend’s-place-cause-you-went-out-on-the-east-side-and-she-lives-on-the-east-side party? For me, it had been about 5 years. Which is approximately 4 years and 364 days too long.

I got too busy doing adult things like thinking about joining a gym, trying to mask the kale taste in my morning smoothie and finding matching pairs of socks. I was in desperate need of a classic slumber party… the kind you watch in the movies and think, “No one actually does that”. Well, you guys, I DID THAT and I am here to report back to you lovely HelloGiggles readers so you can do it, too!

Step 1- Pick a Friend

The friend you choose is probably the most crucial part of the night. Despite what you might see in the movies, you should not be inviting a new friend or someone who doesn’t know your preferred lounge wear was primarily purchased at the local drug store. Tonight is a night of no judgments!

Step 2- Pick a Movie

The movie you pick will set the tone for the night… so it better be good. We picked the ever so classic ‘When Harry Met Sally’, because, duh it’s the best. If you want to get real crazy you can let the movie inspire the theme for your slumber party (I tried!).

Step 3 – Make Dinner

I don’t consider myself a chef. I have personal relationships with the Eat24 and Yummy.com delivery drivers. I’m not being dramatic, I am being real! But if I was going to throw a classic slumber party I was going to have to put down the phone and pick up the spatula (that’s a cooking utensil, right?).

For the main course, I decided on cauliflower pizza bites. I made the marinara dipping sauce and cauliflower dough before my guest arrived.

Once my guest arrived, I put the cauliflower pizza bites in the oven. I was fully prepared to call my friends at Eat24 but you guys, I KILLED IT. I’m totally a chef now. I’m secretly hoping a network executive at the Cooking Channel reads this and decides I need my own show. Maybe I’ll just start a Pinterest...

In keeping with the When Harry Met Sally theme, I decided to put all the pizza toppings on the side. If Sally were in attendance she would have been proud.

Step 4 – Snack Time!

I don’t trust people who can watch a movie without a snack in hand. It’s no secret that popcorn and M&M’S® are the classic movie viewing combination. Mixing these two snacks is the PERFECT combination of salty and sweet… kind of like Harry and Sally. Do you see the theme here?!

If you want to go gourmet, check out this recipe for Spicy Gooey M&M’S & Almond Popcorn.

LOOK! Sally loves Peanut M&M’S too!

Step 5 – Give your movie a commentary

Usually talking during a movie is an annoyance but COME ON, you have seen ‘When Harry Met Sally’ at least 47 times. We spent most of the movie talking about our lack of Harry’s, dates with “Sheldon’s” and Sally’s hair evolution. She can pull anything off.

Step 6 – After Movie Dessert

After you’re done crying it’s time to treat yourself to dessert. Snacks and Desserts are completely different. Don’t even try to disagree with me.

Our chosen dessert was also inspired by ‘When Harry Met Sally’. For those of you that haven’t seen the movie (STOP READING THIS AND GO WATCH IT), the last few lines Sally talks about her and Harry’s wedding cake being a coconut cake with chocolate sauce on the side. We obviously had to recreate that.

Since we are still looking for our Harry’s we decided to go with SINGLE serving mug cakes. After a quick internet search I found this recipe for one minute chocolate cake and switched the regular flour and milk to coconut flour and coconut milk.

We happened to have some Coconut M&M’S on hand so after it was done microwaving we stuck a few in the center- creating a chocolate coconut molten effect.

For a garnish we mixed cocoa powder with coconut oil and put it in a cupcake tin topped with 3 coconut M&M’S. They only took about 10 minutes to freeze!

I melted regular M&M’S and Coconut M&M’S® together for the chocolate sauce and served a scoop of vanilla bean coconut milk ice cream on the side. Seriously, where is my cooking show? We were doing this…

And there you have it- a classic slumber party! You’ll have so much fun you’ll practically forget about the mountain of dishes to wash in the morning!

What movie should inspire my next slumber party?

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