6 Signs You’re Obsessed With Snapchat

I love Snapchat! It’s a fun way for me and my friends to communicate with photos, (yes we’re obsessed with selfies, too – I’ll write about that sometime). My mom says it’s a “porn portal” for adults, but for tweens, it’s the bomb. Snapchat is an app that allows you to send a photo to your friend but it disappears after your friend sees it and only lasts about six seconds and also, if your friend takes a screen shot, Snapchat will let you know. Also, the Snapchat icon is a little ghost named Ghostface Chillah. It’s adorbs. The great thing about Snapchat is that it’s a quick way to take a selfie, send it to your friend(s) and forget about it. I’m obsessed with it, and so are all my friends. Here are 6 signs you are obsessed.

1. You can’t stop checking your phone.

Snapchat doesn’t ping your phone when you get a notification, like with Instagram (which I’m also obsessed with). With Snapchat, you have to check your phone to see if anyone has Snapchatted you in the last ten seconds. So, I’m constantly checking my phone, which drives my mom crazy. Anyway, if you keep glancing at your phone, you have a Snapchat obsession.

2. Whenever you’re with any friend, you take a selfie on Snapchat and send it to all your other friends.

So let’s say you’re hanging out with your friend and you’re both like, “What should we do?” The answer is obvs, I mean, duh. You both scream out, “Selfie time!”, strike a pose, snap and send it to all your Snapchat contacts. Do you do this? Of course you do, because you are mildly obsessed.

3. You obsessively retake all selfies until you get the perfect shot.

You have to take the perfect selfie to send. If it’s a bad selfie it can’t be sent. I mean, seriously. Snapchat is an art form, after all. Do you do this constantly? Yes? I knew it. You are obsessed.

4. You screenshot everything you get sent.

Do you screenshot all your friends pictures because you just can’t get enough? Well, my dear, you are obsessed. Also, don’t feel bad, everyone does it.

5. Your Snapchat is in your Instagram bio.

If this is so, do you really want some weirdo stalking your Instagram Snapchatting you? Take that out of your bio for you own safety! Don’t be THAT obsessed!

6. You are so obsessed with Snapchat that you delete the app and then re-download it a day later.

Um, yeah.

So, one other thing, and this is not about being obsessed: Remember that Snapchatting is for fun and not for being creepy. Got it? Okay, now go back to taking the perfect selfie.

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