6 Signs You’re Exercising Too Much

Exercise is good for you. It keeps your cholesterol at bay, releases those feel-good endorphins, rejuvenates your skin, boosts your mojo and probably makes you an all-around better and more functional human being. But what happens when you take it too far? Some say there is no such thing as too much exercise, but I say nay! There is. And these are the signs that you’ve gotta put away the sweatpants and CHILL OUT for a day!

1. Your favorite store is LuluLemon

You find yourself wearing those see-through yoga pants and hot pink tank tops that brilliantly absorb massive amounts of sweat to the grocery store, out to lunch with your friends and even to parties, because you never know when you’ll have some spare time to do some light jogging or sun salutations!

2. 90% of your Facebook and Twitter updates are centered around the status of your health and well-being

You constantly post things like:

“Workin’ on my fitness like a BOSS!”



Or my personal favorite (which comes with detailed before and after pics):

“I weigh 90 pounds 1 month after having the baby! It feels good to be sooo healthy!!!! Take that Jessica Simpson!!!”

3. All the trainers at your gym know your name and body mass index

In fact, at this point, you know everyone at the gym and everyone knows you. You’ve even worked out a system so that you know precisely when the hip abductor machine will be free to use and when the cute guys start working on their cardio.

4. Your diet is starting to look like something out of Gwyneth Paltrow’s cookbooks

You start eliminating all delicious things from your diet, like gluten, cheese, sugar and salt, and replace them with quinoa, carob and chia seeds. Your family, roommates and significant other start sneaking out of the house for a cheeseburger. You consider the cooking of vegetables to be sacrilegious.

5. You find yourself falling in love with your trainer

Because he’s fit, hot and understands how to tone like ten different muscles in your body at the same time. Plus, you kind of like that tough kind of love he gives you when he’s telling you to run faster and work harder!

6. You haven’t seen your own shower in weeks

In fact, you’ve probably left your shampoo, soap and flip-flops in the gym bathroom, because why lug those things around all the time? You’ll be back in a couple hours anyway. Honestly, it just seems unnatural to not shower surrounded by a bunch of other people at this point.

If this is you, take a break! Make yourself an indulgent grilled cheese sandwich and catch up on The Mindy Project or Shameless. Do absolutely nothing for a day and paint your nails. It’s okay to be lazy once in awhile. They’ll still remember to save YOUR elliptical for you tomorrow and you’ll save money on protein bars; everything in moderation, right?

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