6 Signs That Your Life Got Boring

Complacency is scary and sometimes you don’t even see it coming Anything can cause it, so here are six signs that your life might currently have taken a boring turn.

1. Job Complacency – You took the job for the money, but now it’s been more than a year and you still haven’t figured out how to pursue your passion. If you stay for a while so that it helps pay the bills, that’s obviously fine. Them bills gotta get paid! But also please make time for activities that fulfill you. If you love to write, do it for a couple of hours every night, or however long you can do it. If you care about getting to know your community, start attending city hall meetings and other community related events. Your job doesn’t define you and if all you do is go to bed after you get home from work, tell yourself that you’re not really that tired and fill your day with a little something more.

2. Post-Break Up Blues – You just had a terrible or unexpected romantic disappointment and you’ve been sad for days. If this goes on for too long, you’ll be detached from the things that make you a vibrant and wonderful person. If you’re sad and irritable because someone broke your heart, it’ll show. Unfortunately, it’s the only thing about you that will show and you’ll have to fight to get back in touch with the qualities that make you a really fun person. Your life can get super boring after a bad break up so fight as hard as you can against that sadness by reclaiming your individuality.

3. In-Relationship Personality Stall – So you’re dating someone awesome, but are you still doin’ you? It’s so easy to get caught up in the romance of a connection between you and your love interest, but have you stopped doing the things you love to do because you’re afraid of causing conflict? Whoever you’re dating, they’re probably with you because they liked who you were, so don’t lose sight of that. You know those people who stop hanging out because they are in a relationship? You can still respect your significant other without your social life getting boring. Spend time with friends and family and you’ll see that you still have time to cook dinner and watch Kitchen Nightmares with your lover.

4. You Forgot What You’re Into – If someone asks you what movies you like, do you know the answer right away? If someone asks what music you’re listening to, can you rattle off the top 3 bands that you’ve been listening to all week? If you’ve lost touch with your personal interests, you might be slipping into a bit of a boring slump. Obviously if a huge life event happens then we forget about these things, but this applies to the every day.

5. You’ve Been Wearing The Same Clothes In A Cycle – I’m guilty of giving up during the week and throwing on jeans, a black shirt, and a cardigan. A routine of running late for work every morning will cause something like this to happen, so it helps to take a few minutes each night to pilfer your closet and see what you’ve been ignoring. Grab something a little brighter to wear and watch it affect your mood, making you a little more cheerful and compelling you to smile more.

6. Someone Asks What’s New And You Say “Nothing” – That might be the ultimate sign that things have gotten a bit boring in your life. You don’t have to go sky diving to spice things up, but you do have to take an interest in life around you. Do you know what your friends have been doing? Have you gone out with them to try new restaurants? Have you been reading the news and keeping up with your changing world? Have you picked up any new books lately? Think of it this way. If you go out with a new friend and you’re expected to share about yourself, what will you talk about? If the answer is “nothing,” then it’s time to wake up. The answer should never be “nothing.”

This list keeps in mind that what is boring to some is interesting to others, but there is something to be said about what makes a person’s eyes shine when they discuss the things they care about. We all have something that can keep the light shining bright in us and we owe it to ourselves to never lose that despite the mundane routines that trap us.

Featured Image via ShutterStock