6 Sad Signs Summer is Ending

Well, it’s official. We are on the last leg of Summer 2014. and a season filled with BBQ’s, lazy poolside days, shorts and crop tops out of necessity due to the heat, and, for some of us, a three-month break from teachers and a structured day. For some folks, the end of summer is a blessing (myself being one of those folks): no more bikini season, no more unbearable heat, no more sandals and constant need for a pedicure and shaven legs. Bring on the scarves, rain and fireplaces! But for those sun bunnies, who are counting and savoring the remaining days of summer, here are six signs that you need to squeeze in every bit of warm-weather fun, because time is running out!

1. It’s Getting Hot in Heeeeerrreeee!

It’s officially hot as Hades outside. For me, a winter flower, that is the definition of “darkest before the dawn” (Thanks, Florence and the Machine). Insanely sweaty days usually mean that, just when you think you can’t take the heat anymore, you don’t have to: chilly autumn breezes will be here soon.

2. Back-to-School Commercials

We all know Staples and other back to school type stores want you buying all new binders, pens, printers, and maybe even a school bus when the end of August rolls around, even if your products from last year are perfectly fine. As soon as you see those commercials on TV and billboards on the street, you know autumn vibes is creeping up.

3. Labor Day planning

Summer has a finite beginning, middle and end. These days are marked by three national holidays, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day. Once friends and family start discussing Labor Day plans. . you know it’s all over. Just count down the days until the following Memorial Day, or if you are concerned for your own sanity—better not.

4. Halloween in the house (or, well, the market)

We all roll our eyes when it isn’t even a week past Thanksgiving and the Christmas cookies and décor are on display at the market or your local store. But when those Halloween displays go up, it actually means something—it means by the time you will be purchasing these products you will be bundled up in a sweater and yearning for balmy nights.

5. Bathing Suits: 50 percent off!

Who wants to buy a bikini when it wont be used until next summer or a winter vacation? Very few, that’s why when the designated bikini season is ending and the sales begin.

6. TV Shows are Back

We all know summer is usually a lull in the TV world, especially on network TV. Yes, there are some of your favorite shows on in the summer on various networks but the real juicy stuff, which comes in the fall…meaning once summer is over. Once you see the previews and posters you are stuck in a predicament: You are SO excited for Mindy Project and American Horror Story to come back, but that means you are also anticipating the end of summer.

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