6 reasons you should at least try period sex, because there’s really no reason not to

Getting your period is different for every woman. So you might be the kind of person that can’t understand why anyone would want to have period sex ever. You might also be a total fan who doesn’t see what the big deal is. We get it, and there are honestly no wrong ways to feel about this topic, just like there really aren’t any wrong ways to feel about most parts of sex. But there are some positive reasons to have period sex, at least once, to try it out.

Hey, Rachel Bloom made an entire song and dance about it.

A lot of people might think that period sex is “gross” because literally there is blood coming out of your vagina. Doesn’t exactly sound sexy, right? Like you wouldn’t encourage someone to have sex while releasing another bodily fluid (unless that’s their thing, of course), so what’s the big deal with period sex? TBH it’s not for everyone.

But if your cycle is getting in the way of getting it on, trying period sex once might change your attitude about it. There’s nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to menstruating, so why not go all the way with it?

Here are some reasons to try period sex, just to see.

1There’s really not that much blood.

One decent excuse to avoid period sex is the mess. On average, women lose about 30-40 ml (or around 1 oz) of blood over the course of their entire period. If you have heavy periods, it might be around 60 ml. Which, for visual learners, is like a small tub, travel size, of face cream. So during the act of actual intercourse or fooling around with your partner, there’s not going to be that much blood everywhere. This whole idea of it “being a crime scene in my pants” has got to go. We get why it feels like that sometimes, but it’s generally not true.

2Orgasms can be good for cramps.

Fun fact: All of the goodness that happens in our brains when we orgasm can help with cramps. So if you’re not feeling sluggish and out of the mood, getting it on while you have your period can actually make you feel better. Tell your partner that if they want to help you through the pain, they can go to town down there.

3Women have been letting men make messes on them for ages.

You know what we mean. Here’s the deal — women end up with a man’s bodily fluids on or in or around them all the time when The Sex happens. It’s a fact. So in a heterosexual pairing, a dude being “grossed out” by period blood is a little lame. It’s really not that much blood, so if a little of it ends up on a condom, a penis, or god forbid, the sheet next to where they sleep, remind them of what often goes down, sometimes literally, when you have sex. Also, don’t let any of those dudes deny you period sex and then demand something else “instead” that only benefits them.

4It’s not toxic.

Apart from it not being that much blood anyway and totally normal to have stuff come out of your body, it’s not like period blood is toxic. Tell them to un-clutch their pearls and get with it. (In a nice way, obviously. No bullying allowed in the bedroom.)

5It can be really empowering.

Having sex during your period can help you overcome any weird shame or stigma you might still feel around getting it. Period shaming is so prevalent that sometimes we internalize it, but once you get it on mid-cycle, you might feel differently about the whole thing. You know, there are even menstrual cups made for period sex, so you’re not doing something totally random and forbidden. Also, it’s a great little act of resistance when you get to educate someone on why your vagina during your period is not totally off limits.

6Because you’re horny AF.

Back before we knew that period sex was perfectly okay, it always seemed so unfair that our libidos were up during our period. It varies woman to woman, but hormones being what they are, it’s very possible that you feel more horny at some point during your period. Or you could be horny because that’s just the kind of sex drive you have. If you want to have sex during your period, go for it, if that’s what you want. Really, you and your S.O. might be surprised.

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