6 reasons sex gets so much better as soon as summer is finally over

Sex is usually great in any season, but hands down, the best time to bone is definitely the fall. Think about it: Sex is better when summer is over for all kinds of reasons, whether you’re in a relationship or not. There are upsides to summer sex for sure. Vacation sex is a great example — nothing is better than banging someone without having to worry about work emails or waking up too early in the morning. But other than that, there aren’t a whole lot of perks to having sex in sweltering summer temperatures. It’s sometimes too hot to even touch someone else’s body in the summer, and where’s the fun in that?

Fall has a reputation for being “cuffing season”, aka, the time of year when everyone is trying to settle down with their partners. The likelihood of having sex seems to be greater in autumn. Admittedly, more sex doesn’t always mean better, there are more chances to try your luck. That’s a plus right there.

Sorry, all of you summer lovers, but it’s true: Sex gets better as soon as the leaves start to fall. Here’s why.

1You aren’t sweaty until later.

It’s really hard to get in the mood when you feel like your clothes are sticking to you and your hair is frizzy and you want to die. Being sweaty after sex means you’re definitely doing something right, but that’s the key word: AFTER. No one wants to be a hot mess before they get it on.

2There’s more (comfortable) cuddling involved.

If you’re into cuddling before and after sex, fall is totally your season. In the summer, you wouldn’t dream of staying in bed with another person unless the air conditioning is blasting. In the fall and winter, you can’t help but want to bury yourself under the covers with bae.

3You get closer to your partner.

If you’re still having sex with your summer fling when it starts to get cold outside, that’s when you know it’s real. And to be honest, having sex with someone you really care about and who just adores you back can be so much better than random sex at times. If you’re not partnered up, picking people up in cooler temps takes a little more effort (in the summer, everyone is ready to hop into bed). There’s something about braving the chill and rainy fall nights together that makes bonding inevitable.

4It’s a great time to be single.

Don’t believe the hype about cuffing season. Yes, tons of people are trying to turn their hookups into true love this time of year, but you don’t have to settle down with anyone. In fact, in so many ways, it’s way better to remain single. In the cooler months, there are so many great events and parties to attend from Halloween until New Year’s Eve. Your chances of meeting someone to bang over the weekend goes up exponentially once everyone comes back from their summer vacays.

5Everyone smells better.

No one wants to talk about sweaty balls and not-so-fresh vaginas, but these things are real, people. For this reason alone, winter means the probability of oral sex going up exponentially. Sorry, but it’s just true.

6Sex sessions last longer.

When the weather changes, it’s hibernating season. The fact that it’s cool enough to stay in bed and maybe get a second romp out of the day is one thing. But there’s also a lot of pressure to get outside and DO things in the summer. When it’s colder or rainy, those Sunday morning sex sessions can last all day without having to ignore endless texts from friends trying to make you go out. What’s not to love about that?

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