6 Reasons We Need More Quvenzhane Wallis

Remember Oscar season 2013? When Jennifer Lawrence became Jennifer Lawrence and the competition for Best Actress had everyone talking? Fellow nominee Quvenzhane Wallis may have lost in that category, but that didn’t stop her from taking names and continuing down the road of  hard-working young performer. Next up for Wallis? Her very own fashion campaign. The 10 year old has just been named the face of Armani Junior. Not only is she the youngest Academy Award nominee of all time, but the first big child star to represent a luxury brand like Armani. I’d say she’s off to an incredibly good start in her career. Here’s why we can’t get enough of her.

6. Giorgio Armani believes she’s a savant

“Quvenzhane is so talented, despite her young age,” Armani said in a chat with The Hollywood Reporter. “Her kindness, curiosity and openness toward others really struck me, as they are all traits I admire. It is for this very reason that I wanted her to be the face of Armani Junior. With her insatiable energy, Quvenzhane made the clothing come alive, interpreting it in her own singular way.” 

5. She’s hasn’t let success go to her head

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about Armani, she said, “I felt the same excitement when I got cast for a major film. Me? Wow! I was honored to wear his custom gown to the Oscars. It made me feel like a princess. When I saw Mr. Armani’s Prive show in New York, the dresses were so pretty … I had too many favorites. Afterwards when I met him, I realized Mr. Armani is such a nice man. I liked that that he was so thoughtful. It’s fun to wear Armani Junior since I really like the clothes. It’s young. It’s cool. My friends are going to want to borrow all my clothes.”

4. She’s got the chops to play Annie

If the trailer for the new Annie remake is any indication, Wallis is going to do an incredible job in the upcoming version, which also stars Cameron Diaz and Jamie Foxx..

3. She’s a game-changer

She’s the first African American child actor to be nominated for an Oscar. Not to mention the first big child celebrity to be the face of a designer brand like Armani. She’s making us all look bad and hasn’t even turned 11!

2. She’s one of a kind

Despite having no professional experience at the time, she beat 4,000 girls to land her heralded role in Beasts of the Southern Wild. That was at the age of five.Not bad for a first movie! High five a zillion times, Wallis!

1. She won the Internet 

When she was nominated for an Oscar last year, she fist pumped the air as her name was being announced at the ceremony. Most nominees smile awkwardly to avoid revealing what’s on their mind, but she acted the way most people really want to act: PSYCHED ABOUT BEING UP FOR AN AWARD. Cue best gif ever. Keep at it, girl! You’re on a roll!

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