6 reasons missionary is the amazing sex position we shouldn’t forget about

Of all the sex positions out there, missionary is known as the most vanilla. But we’re calling bullsh*t on it’s reputation as boring. There really are quite a few reasons why you should start to think of missionary as an amazing sex position that’s worth turning to now and again. Missionary position is usually most people’s first position — it’s the one that we all kinda see/learn first from movies. That might be why it doesn’t have the cool factor that other positions have and instead seems like something only boring prudes do.

But having more acrobatic sex doesn’t actually mean having better sex. And we have this suspicion that a lot of people aren’t letting on how much they actually enjoy good ol’ missionary sex over some of the more *advanced* moves we see in porn or magazines, all in the name of sounding like they’re “better” in bed. But this is flawed thinking!

You don’t have to *secretly* love missionary postion.

You can just love it, all out there in the open. Because being good in bed has absolutely nothing to do with how many different angles you and your partner can contort your bodies into. Being good in bed is all about how much you’re enjoying giving and receiving pleasure with your partner. And if that means enjoying the most classic of all sex positions, so be it.

Here are some reasons we should all start standing up for missionary sex.

1It’s really good for communication.

Sex therapists and experts always talk about the importance of communication in bed, but in practice, it can be difficult. It’s awkward to twist around sometimes or, like, ask your partner for more of whatever they’re doing while you’re facing their wall. In missionary, you can make eye contact with your partner which makes dirty talk so much hotter. It’s also so much nicer to look at someone’s face when you’re giving real-time feedback about whatever’s happening down there.

2There are so many ways to fine tune it.

A lot of people might prefer other positions because they think they can’t get deep enough penetration in missionary. But you can! If missionary is uncomfortable, you can always use a pillow or something under your lower back to prop you up a little and change that. It’s also a great position for clitoral and anal stimulation…and since you’re in missionary, you can communicate which way you want their (or your) hands to go.

3It’s a good submissive position.

For sure, some may find missionary to be too restrictive if they don’t like being literally under someone. But for people who enjoy that sort of thing, missionary is a great position to get tied up in (maybe literally).

4You can be kinda lazy.

Even the person on top can be kind of lazy in a way. There is a reason why missionary is usually the position used to depict maintenance sex — you don’t really have to do a lot of work when you’re the person on the bottom. Depending on how your bodies match up, even clitoral stimulation can happen just by the person on top thrusting. It’s like the child’s pose of sex — you can always come back to it and feel satisfied.

5You can kiss in missionary.

For all the sappy lovers out there, missionary position is great for kissing and f*cking all at the same time. There are only so many people in your life you’ll want to smooch and whisper sweet nothings to during sex, but missionary is by far the best way to do it.

6It’s actually less dangerous.

No joke, men apparently break their penises during sex twice as much in doggy style as they do in missionary. So you know, if you care about that sort of thing, missionary is the way to go.

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