6 questions you you should ask your almost-BFF to get to know her better

Let’s be honest: making friends as a grown up kind of sucks. There are just so many steps between barely-know-ya and BFF. So what questions should you ask your almost-BFF to get to know her better? After all, it’s not like you can just build a friendship out of thin air. And while there are certain situations that can bring you and your almost-BFF closer together, sometimes you need to take fate into your own hands.

No matter what kind of friendship you and your almost-BFF are destined to have, these six questions will bring you closer together. (Or, skip ahead to these questions for BFFs.)

Red or white?

Sharing the same taste in wine, beer or cocktails can be useful when it comes to planning girls’ nights, but it’s also great to broaden each other’s horizons if one of you prefers something different. Equally, if one of you is sober, plan a booze-free night in – or out – to take the pressure off.

I need a new series to binge. What would you recommend?

If it turns out that you love your almost-BFF’s pick, you’ll have something to bond over. If you don’t – hey, no harm, no foul.

What do you usually do for your birthday?

People generally fall into two camps: those who love their birthdays, and those who don’t like their birthdays at all. If your almost-BFF fits the former category, this is your chance to show your enthusiasm and get involved. If they’re leaning towards the latter, talk about what they’d like to do – and if there’s a place for you in the festivities.

What’s your boss like?

Asking your almost-BFF about their boss gives them a low-pressure opportunity to vent or gush about work. Whether they love or hate their boss, they’ll appreciate the opportunity to talk freely about their job.

Want to go to…?

It’s a choose-your-own-adventure question! Is your almost-BFF totally spontaneous? Go somewhere new for a weekend! Are they more on the quiet side? Take them somewhere that means something to you, like a vintage-themed music night, the nearest amusement park or to see your fave team play.

How are you?

What separates a real BFF from an almost-BFF? Asking this question and really meaning it. Make sure your almost-BFF knows that they’re in a safe space – and that you’re ready to listen.

There’s always one friend that you want to get to know better but don’t know how to break the ice. Really? The best thing is to just take that dive and get real.