6 Movie And TV Villains We Can’t Help Rooting For

Heroes can just be so boring. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about heroes in the real world but in fiction, villains can be really fun. And there’s usually more to their story than just being nefarious monsters – just take a look at Maleficent! Here are 6 villains to root for:

Walter White in Breaking Bad

Yeah, he ended up being a terrible monster, but his intentions were so good! All he wanted to do was provide for his family. But then he went totally off the rails. And yet, you couldn’t help but want Walt to get away with his evil deeds. He deserved justice for the unfairness in his life. Admit it – you were hoping he’d get away with that first murder, weren’t you? And the second…maybe the third… It was nice to see Walt regain his self-confidence and stand up for himself. He just went a teensy bit too far. Okay, maybe way too far.

Loki in The Avengers

Look, it can’t be easy having major daddy issues and Thor for a brother. It’s understandable that Loki went a little bananas in the villain department. He’s the black sheep of the family and nobody seems to make much of an effort to dissuade him from feeling that way. Thor’s pretty full of himself so I found myself secretly hoping Loki would get his piece of the pie—even if it meant eventually trying take over the world. He deserved a bit of respect, after all. Just look at what he accomplished with all those heroes of the Marvel universe working against him.

Hannibal Lecter in Hannibal

I’m gonna go with the latest TV iteration of the story since it’s most current. After that insane season 3 finale, you probably think I’m nuts that I’d still root for Hannibal. But, he’s just so stylish and clever! That shouldn’t excuse murdering, eating, and serving up people at parties or playing with people’s mental stability. Still, I want him to keep going, if only to see what he’ll do next. His motivation isn’t entirely clear and this mystery keeps me wanting more! At the very least, I want to see more patterned suits and where the hell he thinks he’s going with Agent Scully.

Magneto in X-Men: Days of Future Past

Another case of a dude with good intentions going a little crazy for the cause. Magneto just wants to protect humans from mutant experimentation and I can’t help but want to see some of those scientists pay for torturing the poor creatures. He’s just fighting for equal rights, guys. Yeah, he goes way too far, but I could still sympathize. Plus, it’s Michael Fassbender/Sir Ian.

Slytherin in Harry Potter

It always seemed like Dumbledore was pushing for Gryffindor and poor Slytherin was always getting the shaft. Like that time Dumbledore awarded Gryffindor a ton of points at the end of the year, ripping the house cup away from Slytherin. Rude. Not all Slytherins were evil hog droppings like Draco Malfoy. These were just kids in a school who happened to be placed in Slytherin because they’re cunning and ambitious. Yet the books constantly painted Slytherins as the nemeses to basically every other house in the school. Not cool, Harry Potter books. Not cool.

Godzilla in Godzilla

It could be argued that Godzilla is more of an anti-hero than a villain, but the movie trailers certainly painted a mean portrait of the ancient monster. Despite destroying cities and killing thousands of people, Godzilla is really just a monster trying to make his way in the world and is more like a hurricane or an earthquake than a calculating evil-doer. Godzilla’s just doin’ him. And I can get on board with that.

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