6 funniest celebrity tweets from New Year’s Eve because obviously they had to get tweets off to ring in the new year

Already we’re wondering how we survived the disaster that was 2016, but one major way we managed to get through was with humor — and our favorite celebs did the same! Naturally, that humor carried over into their New Year’s Eve celebrations, and we’re still giggling over the funniest celebrity tweets from last night. TG for the laughs, and for the positivity that keeps us going despite that trash year we just left behind. And may 2017 be everything we hope for and more.

So what were the funniest celebrity tweets from New Year’s Eve?

1Miley kicked things off by showing us how to rock pimples on New Year’s Eve.

2We lived for Mariah Carey’s DGAF attitude about her less-than-stellar NYE performance.

3This message from Bella Thorne was mostly hilarious because of how her fans responded by absolutely *needing* to know who she kissed to ring in the new year.

4When the incredible Issa Rae realized the dangers of super cheap, unexplained mixes of alcohol.


5Tyra Banks was straightforward as hell about how awful 2016 was, and how hopeful we are that this year is a million times better.


6Chrissy Teigen celebrated by dancing for her hubby… in the most hilarious way possible.


We’re so happy to be entering 2017 on such a laugh-filled note. Here’s to even more laughs this year!

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