6 fights all couples have around Halloween

Moments of conflict and disagreement (big or small) are a healthy and natural part of most relationships. But when coupled with the stress of holidays — like Halloween — many people might find themselves arguing with their partners more often than is generally considered to be productive. Whether you’ve been together for a long time or you’ve just started dating, you’ve probably already established some routine but when Halloween or any other major holiday rolls around, change occurs, and not everyone has an easy time adjusting to change, even temporarily.

Since a relationship is essentially the coming together of two people, often with different likes and dislikes, personalities, and perspectives, fights are to be expected.

But what happens when you’re completely and totally obsessed with Halloween and your partner isn’t or vice versa? We imagine for the months, weeks, days leading up to to the big day, most of your fights might be Halloween focused. Don’t worry though: It’s only one day, and it’ll be over before you know it.

And to show you you aren’t alone, here are 6 little fights other couples might be having around Halloween too.

1Matching costumes or no matching costumes?

Perhaps the biggest fight couples have on Halloween is whether or not they’ll be wearing a costume designed for two. We all know the ones: Fred and Wilma, Sandy and Danny from Grease, some superhero and their significant other, salt and pepper shakers; pretty much any other two things that “go together.” But if one member of the couple is dreading having to spend the night donning matching outfits, you might have a problem.

2Going out or staying in?

Halloween night is usually full of festivities. The kids are all out trick-or-treating, the streets are filled with drunk teenagers, and everyone and their mama is hosting a Halloween party (probably on the other side of town). So it’s totally understandable to want to spend the night on the couch, right? Well, not exactly. If your significant other is set on participating in all the night has to offer but you’re just not down, you’ll probably be in for a fight about how to spend the evening.

3If you’ve agreed to Netflix and Chill, who’s picking the movie?

Now, if the person who argued to stay in manages to win this argument, it’ll only spark another: Who’s picking the movie? Sure, you could compromise and allow the losing partying to put something on (hopefully you won’t be doing much watching anyway *wink wink*), but chances are, they’ll probably end up picking the same tired Halloween movies you’ve had to sit through a hundred times before. You can take a stand, but prepare for a fight.

4How much candy is *too much* candy?

Candy options are endless. No, seriously, we’ve tried to count, and it’s truly impossible. Which will make choosing how much candy and what kind of candy you’ll be snacking on (or giving out to trick-or-treating kids) all the more likely to cause a fight.

5Whether or not you’ll entertain trick-or-treaters.

Speaking of trick-or-treating kids, if you’re the Halloween equivalent of Scrooge, the last thing you want is annoying kids constantly ringing your doorbell begging for overpriced candy that’ll only ruin their teeth. But if your significant other is the exact opposite, things might get a little tricky.

6Someone getting too drunk.

If it’s October 31st and you’re completely sober, did you even Halloween, bro? There’s just something about the decorations, the costumes, and the candy that brings out the inner child in all of us. And now that inner child can legally purchase booze, you best believe the drinks will be overflowing. It’s a holiday to indulge, after all.

However, if one member of the couple gets too carried away, this may quickly go awry. Drunky McDrunkerson might pick a fight about something that happened 6 months ago, which will only irritate their sober partner (because there’s nothing more annoying that being sober around drunk people). Basically if one person gets so drunk that the other person has to “deal” with them, then you can kiss your good night goodbye.

But hopefully your love will conquer all these Halloween inspired fights, and you’ll remain happily coupled to fight another day.