6 anxious thoughts you have when you fall in love with someone way too fast

Catching feelings for someone you’re involved with can be just as scary as it is wonderful. This is especially true if you feel like it’s happening all of a sudden. You’re bound to have some anxious thoughts if you’re falling in love “too fast” for another person. There’s a reason people often equate being in love with feeling a little “crazy.” Sure, the crazy-in-love trope is a little worn out, but it’s true that people can lose touch with reality when they’re in the early stages of falling for someone. Whether it’s giving a new partner superhero qualities or worrying about whether you’re “good enough,” new love is full of anxieties.

Is falling in love “too fast” even a real thing?

Relationships are always different, and sometimes a connection happens quicker than we’re used to. That’s when we can easily make ourselves insane worrying about this new relationship.

Here are just a few anxious thoughts that come up when you fall in love too fast, whatever that means to you.

1What will everyone think?

It’s hard not to care what your friends and family think of your new relationship. Really, it doesn’t matter what people think, as long as you’re happy. (And hey, who’s to say what “fast” means? If you live in a big city, sometimes moving in together has to happen a little “fast” sometimes.)

2Am I being punked?

Why do we doubt ourselves so much? Even though we’re hot and awesome, we’ve all watched enough TV in our lives to be a little suspicious when a partner gets deep right quick, especially when we’re not exactly feeling like we’re at the top of our game. Take the mushy romance while it lasts and stop fretting.

3Will this last?

When things happen quickly, it’s easy to wonder whether you’re just making all of this stuff up. Did you really just find the person you’ve been dreaming about? Can the sex really be this good? Yes, yes it can. You deserve nice things, so appreciate it.

4Do they feel the same way?

This is a scary one. You might be falling in love, but since it’s happening so fast, it can be hard to gauge their feelings. Stop overthinking every text message and awkward pause in everything conversation and talk about it.

5Am I allowed to do this?

Speaking of talking about it, it can be hard to know what the proper “schedule” for relationship milestones is. You worry about whether it’s appropriate to even have The Talk about defining your relationship, or meeting their parents or your friends, or booking a trip together. There is no one set timeline. You’ll know when things feel right to do or talk about.

6Am I settling?

This is all too common, especially if you’re falling for someone after a relationship dry spell. Are you falling in love because it’s convenient or real? Yikes — make a list about what you really want in a relationship and reassure yourself that this new dream lover is the real deal.

Falling in love quickly can be scary, but it’s also really brave! It takes guts to meet someone new, open up to them, and give back. So take a deep breath and enjoy this new romance for what it is.

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