Having ‘Hunger Games’ withdraw? Check out this trailer for ‘The 5th Wave’

I’m a huge fan of dystopian stories in general, but you know what makes a dystopian tale even better? A totally fierce lady lead. Take, for instance, The Hunger Games’ Katniss or Divergent’s Tris; In my opinion, these two heroines completely make the stories they’re in. Well, it looks like we have another super strong gal in the dystopia story mix, and her name is Cassie.

​The very first trailer for The 5th Wave was just released, and it looks seriously intense. The film, which stars Chloe Grace Moretz, is the first installment of the newest young adult trilogy and was adapted from the 2013 science fiction novel by Rick Yancey.

The story follows the life of Cassie, as she and her family fight to survive a devastating alien invasion. The aliens, also known as the “others,” have already inflicted four devastating “waves” upon the earth, which include darkness, destruction, infection, and invasion. Now the “others” are gearing up for a fifth wave and if the humans who remain do not figure out a way to fight back, humankind, as they know it, will be completely wiped out.

The aspect of the film that I’m especially excited about is the aliens. We’ve seen vampires, corrupt governments, and zombies, but aliens, in my opinion, are especially scary because of the real potential there is that aliens actually do exist in some form somewhere in the universe. Call me crazy, but I’ve spent a lot of Friday nights on the couch in my PJs watching Ancient Aliens on the History Channel, and I’m completely convinced. What’s even more exciting than a movie about an alien takeover is the prospect of seeing a rebel chick stepping up to take them down. And if Chloe Grace Moretz’s track record is any indicator, this movie is going to rock.

The 5th Wave​ is set to hit theaters January 15, 2016. In the meantime, check out the trailer. I’ve already watched it a few dozen times.

(Image via YouTube.)