5th grader writes a letter of “rules & regulations” to a pushy classmate, does what we’ve always wanted to do

It doesn’t matter if your days in school are long behind you, you’ll always remember being the victim of an annoying classmate who simply wouldn’t quit. We all have stories of being annoyed on the school bus or at the playground, and most of us were too shy or young to understand how to properly handle the situation.

Yet, one 5th grader named Zoë was being bothered by her classmate, Noah, when she decided to take a different approach.

Instead of merely hoping he’d just go away, Zoë channeled her very own mini-Beyoncé and took matters into her own hands with an adorablely honest hand-written letter of rules and regulations for that pesky Noah to follow.

Aptly titled “Rules & Regulations,” Zoë detailed exactly what she’d like from Noah going forward, including that he stop touching her shoulder, playing with her on the bus, and ultimately just stop “getting behind her with all that playing and foolishness.”

The note, which has gone viral thanks to Zoë’s teacher’s friend – who posted it on Twitter – is (of course) hilarious, but it definitely highlights the perfect way for a child to handle unwanted attention from a fellow student. Especially since this can often lead to uncomfortable feelings and anxiety.

As for the reason behind Noah’s persistent bothering? Apparently, he likes Zoë because she’s the “smartest.”

While Noah is absolutely right about that, we’re hoping he’s finally stopped bothering Zoë. And here’s hoping he got a taste of his own Lemonade from this little lady, once and for all.


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