57 movie characters from 57 movies have one long phone conversation. Just watch.

Ready for the longest movie telephone call of your life? The folks at Burger Fiction have edited not just one or two calls together, but a whopping 57 that starts with Brad Pitt dialing the phone in Burn After Reading, and ends with Bill Murry on the phone in What About Bob. What goes down between these two lines is where the real magic happens in this mashup.

Splicing together all sorts of movie conversations, Burger Fiction is able to create one very long scene where some of our favorite characters talk on the phone as if they’re calling for a nice, simple chat. Except that Harrison Ford in Air Force One demands to talk to the Vice President, but on the other end of his phone call he’s got Bridget Jones. Never though these two would swap numbers, but anything can happen in the movies.

We’ve also got Liam Neeson’s phone call from Taken, because of course that made it into this video, but then some other great phone calls too, like the receptionist in Ghostbusters, Doc waking Marty up in Back to the Future, and Josh talking to Cher in Clueless. But he’s not talking to Cher, he’s talking to the guys in The Hangover. If you can’t recognize all these movies off the top of your head, don’t worry, the list of everything used is included in the video’s description. All 57 seven of them.

Never thought we’d see all these phone calls put together like this, but we love the outcome. Check out “Movie Super Phone Call” below!

(Image via Fox Searchlight Pictures)

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