500,000 precious baby turtles will be released into the wild for a very important reason

FINALLY, some good news. In case you, like us, need a breather from all of the bad in the world (#Election2016), there’s *finally* something we can be happy about. And it’s cute AF. We just learned that 500,000 precious baby turtles are being released into the wild, and we’re actually jumping for joy.

Plus, as an added bonus, it only gets better — they’re not just being released because it’s ADORABLE (though, let’s be honest. We’d be here for it).

These hundreds of thousands of baby turtles are being released in Peru as a part of a conservationist effort attempting to save vulnerable species.

According to The Huffington Post, there are going to be three rounds of releases of newborn yellow-spotted Amazon River turtles in Peru. Since they’re considered a vulnerable species, scientists hope that by releasing upwards of 500,000 turtles, they’ll be able to preserve these sweeties and get them off the threatened species list.

Who knew science could be *this* cute?!

This is BEAUTIFUL, and our planet-loving souls are oh-so pleased right now.