This video of 5,000 ducklings running into a pond is just as adorable as it sounds

One day I witnessed what I thought would be the cutest moment of my life: a single trail of baby ducklings interrupting traffic on a Chicago road. They tumbled around, tripping over each other, quaking every step of the way. It was so precious, it made my heart hurt.

Now, imagine that image amplified by 1 million. Well, by like, 5,000. Brace yourself, because you might be in danger of an adorable-overload heart attack. We are serious.

According to Buzzfeed, a Chinese pond was recently overtaken by not a trail, but a SEA of ducklings racing to its algae-covered goodness. Around 5,000 baby ducklings felt the need to frolic freely crossing traffic and diving into the pond.

Looking at the video, and you can see how this will make the strongest willed person, “can’t even.”  Take a look for yourself:

At the scene there was a good handful of onlookers who you desperately wish you could switch places with all achieving a Disney World-level of joy. Though their cheers quieted once the yellow furry mass dove into the water, you can just tell they’ll be freeze framing this moment for the rest of their lives; as you should too. I don’t know about you guys, but I think I just found my new happy place.

(Images via YouTube)