This video shows 50-year-old blackheads being removed from someone’s eyelids, and it’s horrifying

If you’re a fan of picking your own scabs (don’t lie), peeling off bits of dead skin, or popping your pimples, then we found a video that will make your entire week — or it will straight up horrify you, if those sorts of things make you cringe. The video in question shows 50-year-old blackheads being removed from someone’s eyelids, and it’s a terrifying delight for all of us who love watching these popping videos. Or again, it will haunt your nightmares if you’re squeamish (but like us, you just can’t look away).

The India-based dermatologist, Dr. Lalit Kasana, uploaded a 14-minute video showing his blackhead removal process as he successfully removed decades-old blackheads from a patient’s eyelid. Truly, you shouldn’t keep reading if you’re not prepared to stomach an eyeful of traumatic goo.

As with most popular pimple-popping videos, Kasana explains to viewers the nature and longevity of his patient’s skin issues before going for the blackhead-popping gold. Since the patient had two open blackheads on the sensitive skin around his eyes, Kasana used cotton swabs to gently, but firmly pop the blackheads (using fingers could be especially rough on the eye skin).

At the end of the video, Kasana has treated one side of the man’s face, and viewers can see a clear (pun intended) difference between the treated and untreated sections.

You can watch the full drama unfold for yourself in the video below.

If you want to watch the man’s ENTIRE face get treated, you can settle into your couch for this longer version.

Only do so at your own emotional risk. Good luck sleeping tonight after seeing that video.

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