This 5-year-old girl’s lemonade stand raised $25k for an amazing cause

Many of us had a lemonade stand when we were a kid. Homemade, sugary lemonade, served in paper cups, sold for a quarter a two a pop. It was a fun summer pastime, but not exactly a major moneymaker . . . that is, until now.

Na’ama Uzan, a 5-year-old resident of Toronto and overall sweetie pie, is an adorable little redhead on a mission: to make the big bucks with her lemonade stand. And she’s FAR more successful than the average 5-year-old: the stand, which also sells muffins (d’aw!), has raised over $25,000, according to CTV Toronto. That’s a lot of lemonade and muffins.

What in the world would a 5-year-old do with so much money? The money isn’t for Na’ama, though; in fact, it’s for the most just cause of all: her brother, Nadav. Nadav has a very rare neurological and developmental disorder called Angelman syndrome. The disability causes frequent seizures and makes it a huge challenge for Nadav to speak or walk, which makes him get “frustrated easily,” as Na’ama explained to CTV Toronto.

That’s why Na’ama is donating all her profits to the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics (FAST). “It’s going to make a cure,” Na’ama told CTV Toronto. “I’m doing it because I want to support a cure for Angelman Syndrome.”

Her efforts have certainly not gone unrecognized. In fact, she’s attracted the attention of a family a LONG way from Toronto: David Low and his partner are from California, and they also have a son with Angelman Syndrome. They’ve raised an impressive $20,000 to set up a research grant in Na’ama’s name through

“The technology and therapies will be there to help these individuals,” Low told CTV Toronto, “and the only way that hope is going to be fulfilled is through the efforts like people like Na’ama and her family who inspire others to give.”

Na’ama’s reaction to this amazing news was pretty much the most adorable thing ever:

Her mother, Ru Uzan, was completely floored by the generosity. “We don’t get this every day where a complete stranger is inspired by your child and raises over $20,000 in her honor,” she told CTV Toronto.

Meanwhile, Na’ama is just happy to help out her brother, who, she told the Toronto Star, she loves “more than a ton. I can’t say how much. It never ends.”

Na’ama, we think you’re the best sister ever, and keep on doing you!

(Images via CTV Toronto)

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