This video of a 5-year-old tying his shoe in a brand new way is going viral, and we secretly can’t wait to try this

So, you might be under the impression that there is only one way to tie your shoe laces, but lo and behold there is a hack for everything — and someone incredibly young is showing us that we’ve been doing it all wrong.

That’s right, a 5-year-old boy has introduced a new way to tie shoes!

Colton Lillard has taken over the internet in the best possible way. His mom Ashley posted a video of him demonstrating his genius hack (which was shown to him by his friend River), and it’s so unbelievably simple that we’re wondering how we’ve never heard of it. Ready to be wowed? Again, this kid is five.

Yeah, not surprising that this video has been viewed over 7 million times, and shared over a hundred thousand times! Our feelings can be summed up like…

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Phew. Colton needs a YouTube channel ASAP, because apart from his clever shoe hack, he’s just so darn cute it hurts.

He seems pretty resourceful and observant — can he post some videos about other life hacks? Because we have the feeling there’s more up his sleeve, and our appetite for smarter ways to do everyday things is endless.

At any rate, thank you, Colton. Parents of small children everywhere are undoubtedly bowing down.