This 5-year-old girl is serious about her hockey fandom

When hockey player T.J. Oshie was recently traded from the St. Louis Blues to the Washington Capitals, one St. Louis resident was particularly upset. Five-year-old Libby Lu was heartbroken—completely heartbroken—over the news. Her mom captured the little girl’s tears on video and uploaded it to Youtube, complete with Libby’s concern that when Oshie did return to St. Louis, she wouldn’t be able to cheer him on!

But her sorrow was short-lived, because ESPN brought Libby on and got Oshie on the phone to talk to the sweet kid. The look on her face when she realizes that Oshie is talking to her is beyond perfect, and her big important question to ask him is one we all needed to get answered.

“Do you have a swimming pool?” she asks. Oshie reassures her that, yes, the house he’s currently building does have a pool, but when he asks her if she’ll be cheering on the Washington Capitals, she goes … mysteriously silent.

Watch the full segment, clocking in at 5 minutes, below!

(Image via Youtube)

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