We are all this confused 5-year-old who doesn’t understand what happened in the 2016 election

Even after all of the time that has passed, we are all this 5-year-old pondering the election results. Taylor’s mother posted a three part series on Instagram, showing her daughter’s reactions to Obama leaving, Hilary losing, and the concept of “winning.” While the videos are adorable, they are also incredibly relatable.

This smart girl gets right to the real question about the election.

"But why did Hilary not get to be the president?" asks Taylor when her mother explains that Obama had to leave after his two terms.

Her inquisitive nature is unending as her mother captions the video, “She is still mad.”

According to Taylor’s mother, the car ride discussion began when her daughter wanted to know where Obama’s house is. Once her mother explained that Obama wasn’t the president anymore, and that someone new lived there, Taylor began her cute fury.

Pizza for President.

When her mother explains to feisty little Taylor that it’s like when you voted in school over cookies. Taylor corrects her mother and says, “No, I voted for the pizza!” hands swaying in the air.

Then comes the discussion of Trump, who she believes lives in Texas with her.

Taylor says, “Well, why does he have to live there? I want him living somewhere else, I don’t want him living in Texas.

After Taylor’s mother explains that, in fact, Trump doesn’t reside in Texas, she’s still angry.

“Well I don’t want him being our president, anyway...I wanted Hillary and Marack Obama."

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