5 witchy ways to prevent Mercury retrograde from ruining your life

Witchy women, assemble! Mercury retrograde is seriously kicking our butts this week and we need it to stop! Everything is taking longer to do. Everything we say keeps coming out wrong. What can we do to make retrograde more bearable?

Listed below are a few things that any beginner witch – or witchy-world dabbler – can do to make the weight of retrograde feel a lot lighter. Remember to keep your head in a positive space, and things will seem to go your way.

1. Try using a pendulum to gather your thoughts.

Mercury retrograde has a unique and potent way of making you feel frazzled and disconnected from, well, everything. Using a pendulum to tap into your self conscious can help you make more informed decisions during the retrograde regarding simple tasks or heavier life choices – although wait until retrograde is over to put heavy life choices into play.

Although Galileo was the first person to scientifically observe and use a pendulum in 1602, pendulums have actually been used for divination and healing purposes for thousands of years. Contrary to popular belief, the pendulum is not usually used to contact spirits, but actually used to contact one’s subconscious and intuition.

Pendulums are for everyone. You definitely do not need to be a witch or possessor of magical talents to use one! Amy Scott Grant has a series of great starter tutorials for beginner pendulum users.

Also check out Odyssey of the Soul’s website to read more about wording your questions, what to and what not to ask a pendulum, and acquire more tips to using this unique but powerful little doohickey.

2. Spill the tea and drink some tea.

Even if you don’t have a witchy bone in your body, you are probably aware that herbal tea can do wonders to cure frazzled nerves. But you might not know that concocting your own tea with specialized herbs can do you even better than something from a box. Putting your own energy into crafting something makes that thing more potent and more likely to work because of the intention you put into it. It’s just witchy science, people!

So gather up your BFFs for a good gossip session and put a kettle on the stove. For Mercury retrograde related stress relief, we recommend to brew the following:

Lavender – brings peace and tranquility to the table. Lavender calms the nerves and aids sleep and good dreams. (Burn lavender incense to banish negativity).

Mint – aids communication (great for all the miscommunication retrograde has caused) and physical healing.

Lemon – add a lemon wedge to this brew to purify the soul, improve vitality, and help friendships grow stronger.

Drink up and feel rejuvenated!

3. Banish all traces of Negative Nancy from your house and person with sage.

Smudging is an ancient Native American cleansing ritual that banishes negative energy from a home or person. According to spiritual life coach and psychic medium, Marilyn Poscic,“The theory behind smudging is that the smoke attaches itself to negative energy and as it clears it takes the negative energy with it, and then Mother Earth reabsorbs the negative energy and filters it herself.”

You can pick up a sage stick at metaphysical stores, or some book stores. If you can’t find one in your area, check out Etsy for a wide range of different kinds of sage sticks. Before you start smudging, set your intention and open up all your doors (including closets), and windows, to let the negative energy escape.

To make sure you have all the necessary tools and instructions, check out the Cleanse Chick’s video on YouTube about the smudging process.

It’s all about setting that positive intention and willingly releasing the negativity.

4. Realize your true witch potential and perform a couple of spells.

Gillian Kemp’s The Good Spell Book is one of the best beginner positive spell books on the market. Kemp’s collection of spells are from the Romany gypsies, who have been around since the beginning of civilization. Their spells are potent and have been used for hundreds of years. Kemp suggests to align your energies with the lunar cycle and put a lot of love into each ritual. That’s where the magic comes from.

Because retrograde brings so much bad luck into our lives, the Romany spell to remove misfortune might be the trick you need to improve your day-to-day. Kemp writes:

“Take three small jars and nine garlic cloves, and a number of thorns from a white rose. Stick the thorns into the garlic cloves and place three cloves in each jar. Each jar should be buried within sight of a church porch while you say the Lord’s Prayer.”

Or to break a streak of bad luck, Kemp writes:

“Go for a walk and pick up 7 twigs from the ground, one to represent each day of the week. Take them home, snap them into pieces, burn them in the hearth or a bonfire. Say: Ill luck is broken, As these words are spoken.”

5. Open the door for someone to come back to you.

According to The Witches’ Almanac, Mercury retrograde is when “those who have been out of touch return,” meaning you might be able to reap some positive benefits out of a usually negative cycle. If you’re looking to have someone return to your life, this is the time to perform a ritual to help them along.

In the world of romance, Gillian Kemp offers a spell to bring a lover back to you. She writes:

“Wait until Friday, because Friday is governed by the goddess Venus. With your favorite pen and a piece of fresh white paper, write your first name and your lover’s surname. Draw a square around them. With your eyes closed say aloud: ‘Our fate is sealed. We are one.’ Cut the square out and place it inside your pillow case, or amongst your most intimate possessions. Your lover will return.”

Good luck witchy ladies! Mercury retrograde is only days away from being over. Use your intuition to get you through the remaining week – and maybe a little extra herbal tea.

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