5 websites that will tell you exactly what to read because, honestly, going into bookstores can be overwhelming

Here’s something wonderful about 2017: There are tons of websites that will tell you what you to read and help you stay on track, no matter what kind of “book person” you really are.

Maybe you generally love reading books, and walking into a bookstore is a lot like going to Disney World is for a kid. Like, how do you pick just one book? Should you stick to the one book you made the trek over here to buy, or do you spring for that amazing edition of poems that you never knew you wanted to read but most definitely need now that you’ve seen it? It’s funny how we can turn even pleasures into mini-crises. Walking into bookstores is also a pain for those who aren’t crazy book nerds but want a really good novel for their upcoming vacation or something to slip into their purse for long train rides.

These websites that help you pick out books are so clutch.

For non-bookworms, they can guide you in the right directions about what’s worth your time, what everyone’s reading, and most importantly, what books are worth spending your hard-earned money on. For super readers, these websites can help you narrow things down and reprioritize so you don’t end up spending basically all of your rent money on ~all the books~ that come into your sight.

Here are some places to start if bookstores are giving you stress-hives.

1Book of the Month

This is a subscription service, so you have to make sure you’re willing to drop a certain amount of money on hardcover books each month. First, you pick the genres you tend to like. Then, every month you can pick just one of four new releases. If you want extra books, you can add to your monthly “box” for just $9.99, which is a good deal if you’re into buying hardcovers and like the convenience.

2Epic Reads

Epic Reads will let you browse a bunch of books, but they also have great curated “trending” lists so you know what people will be talking about and lists of monthly new releases to get through, whether you’re into non-fiction or young adult series. Even just following their Instagram account will help you make your next reading list.

3Which Book

WhichBook is a site where you can search books based on your mood, your preferred genre, or what books you’ve read recently. There are also hyper curated lists of books that will help you browse without the pressure of some snooty bookstore clerk trying to get you to buy their fave. You can’t buy directly from the site, but it will direct you to Amazon, which, TBH, is actually more convenient for most of us.


This one is for everyone who loves reading on their iPhone or anywhere on the go. BookBub will let you search and download ebooks but also sends you a daily email with recommendations. That sounds slightly oppressive, but it’s better than wandering aimlessly around an old bookstore trying to figure out what you really want, when the truth is you just want a book that’s been vetted by someone with shared interests.


Goodreads has been around for awhile and is sort of like a book geek’s Facebook, except people share their favorite quotes from books and lengthy recommendations about why you should read their favorite book. If you don’t know if a book you’re eyeing is for you, this is the place to go to see if it’s worth the sticker price or whether it’s going to fit your reading mood at the moment.

Choosing your next book shouldn’t be stressful, so letting a website run by dedicated readers lure you in the right direction is never a bad thing. Happy reading!

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