5 Ways Wonder Woman Is Changing My Life

I was in school on a rainy day, and my teacher put on an old show. Ugh, I thought. An old show again? The old show was Wonder Woman, a TV series from 1970s starring Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman/Diana Prince. I mean, obviously I knew who Wonder Woman is. My best friend Kaia’s mom sewed a Wonder Woman costume for Kaia one Halloween when we were little; she was my superhero. But I didn’t know that it had been a TV show in the olden days! While watching, I realized, this isn’t one of those old TV shows our teachers are always telling us we’ll really, really like. This was one was right up my alley. Wonder Woman is empowered, she’s a superhero and also, funny.

Her story: Princess Diana hails from Paradise Island, home of the Amazon women, and the era is World War II-time. When Colonel Steve Trevor’s plane crashes there, Princess Diana is tasked with bringing him back to where he comes from, Washington DC.  And once she gets to DC, well, she ends up staying there, getting a job and working alongside the love of her new life, Steve Trevor and fighting crime. She really is a Wonder Woman.


I love superheroes, I really do. But I’d like to see more women super heroes on TV (I know, I know, Buffy and Xena, but what else?). That’s why I was so happy to see this show. It’s pro-woman! Wonder Woman is strong, independent, confident. She believes in women’s rights, and in bringing justice for women. She overpowers the sterotype of guys being stronger. You are always rooting for her and she is such a good-hearted person, and a total bad-ass at the same time.


Not only is she super-strong, Wonder Woman has a magic lasso that, when wrapped around a person, compels them to tell the truth. Wonder Woman has bulletproof bracelets that protect her from being shot. She rocks a superhero uniform and she pilots her very own invisible plane. She is a girl and she can do anything a boy can do; see where I’m going with this? Put all of that together and you have the feminist icon a girl my age can look at and go, “Now that’s a superhero!”


Wonder Woman comes from an all-woman inhabited island called Paradise Island. (Men are not allowed, not because it’s anti-men but because this island is specifically for the Amazon women.) The women are true warriors; they can kick butt! But that’s just part of what they can do; really, the Amazon women believe in sisterhood and peace, and harmony. And being supported by their community of women. I am so sure there is a zero-tolerance policy for mean girl behavior too.


Wonder Woman does fall in love with Colonel Steve Trevor, but he is not the reason for her existence. Really Wonder Woman can live without him. And she’s taught me that I can do that too.


It’s kind of catchy:

Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman

All the world’s waiting for you

And the power you possess

Also, it reminds me that, for my generation, we can do so much for ourselves and for our future. Because the world is waiting for us!