5 Signs You’re With Someone Who Respects You

One of the most important things you can get from other people is their r-e-s-p-e-c-t. Sure, most people also want to be liked. The problem with this is that it’s nearly impossible to be universally liked. Liking just happens, it’s not necessarily something you can work toward. Respect, on the other hand, is something that’s earned. And earning someone’s respect—whether it’s a partner, a co-worker or a best friend—is one of the best feelings in the world. So how do you know when someone really respects you? Look for the signs.

1. They’re honest with you.

Respecting someone certainly means never lying to them, and it also means not sugarcoating the truth. People who respect you will offer praise when it’s deserved, and constructive criticism when it’s needed, because they know you’ll want to understand how to improve.

2. They’re willing to disagree with you.

Someone who likes you might just agree with everything you say in hopes of getting you to like them back. People who respect you will understand that you have different opinions sometimes and might not agree, but can still appreciate your viewpoint. They also aren’t afraid that you’ll crumble when challenged.

3. They don’t waste your time.

This goes for everything from not forcing you to attend unproductive meetings at work to letting you know on date two that there is no relationship potential. Someone who respects you understands that your time is valuable and isn’t going to use you or string you along.

4. They ask your opinion.

I think we’re all pretty picky about who we’ll take advice from. If someone’s asking for yours, it means they think you’re doing some things right and they’d like to be more like you.

5. They keep their word.

Someone who respects you is going to deliver on things they say they’ll do, whether it’s showing up to an event or delivering a project at work. Someone who respects you generally wants you to respect them, too, so they’ll definitely do things to earn it.

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