5 TV Town Pilgrimages You Need to Make

I have to agree with HG co-founder Molly McAleer – there is something magical about visiting a city and staying in an actual home. That my friends, is exactly what you get from Airbnb. I have stayed in a bunch of cities using Airbnb and it has never disappointed. After this past week, I realized that I have a new mission for this summer: Visit all of the cities of my favorite TV shows.  Think about it: going on massive vacations and staying in resorts can be difficult and expensive. This way you can pick cities around you where travel is easy, you have a home where you can cook and do laundry and you can make your own adventure finding the spots from your favorite TV. So here is the start of my list, I’m sure there is more to come. Feel free to share the places you want to visit or suggestions for my list below!


I’m not sure if you are addicted to Nashville yet, but you totally should be. It is so much drama and country and Connie Britton, my little heart can’t handle it some days. I had the absolute privilege of staying in Nashville this past week for Bonnaroo and had some time to explore the sites. Let me tell you – it did not disappoint. Not only was my rental straight out of a southern belle’s dream, it was in the perfect location for heading downtown. I got to walk down Broadway, stop in to some traditional Western Wear clothing stores and try on some cowboy shirts that Gunnar would be proud of. Lastly, I got to walk past the beloved Blue Bird Café. I couldn’t go inside, because they were closed. BUT IT FELT SO REAL.


It’s time to pack up those bags and head to New York. One of the beauties of Girls is its authenticity. The show is actually filmed in Brooklyn and you can visit most of the fun stops they make on the show. For starters, Hannah works at the real life Grumpy’s, so you can get a cup of coffee and pretend you’re helping her solve the latest Adam drama. I did some browsing and Airbnb has some baller lofts and rooftop locations right in Greenpoint, where the Girls live. Bring along all of your gal pals and a camera and get swept away.


Hollywood or bust, baby. I live in LA, but I am always down for a staycation! This city can be so hectic so why not rent a cool place for a night and pretend you got all that Entourage swag? You can head over to the Roosevelt for lots of drinks or grab a late night sandwich from Canters. Then, grab your morning latte at Aroma and you’ve done the 24 hour tour. There are plenty of clubs, restaurants and parks you can visit. And who knows? You might just see a celebrity while you’re at it.

Full House

So I went to San Francisco last year with my sister and dad. We stayed in an adorable Airbnb apartment overlooking a park. But my DREAM was to go see the Full House house, eat a picnic in the park and throw a football around. That show was my JAM! So much so I totally freaked when I spotted John Stamos strolling around the Bonnaroo grounds. I know that most of the show was filming in a studio, but that opening sequence is a staple of my childhood. I never did get a chance to find the house and take my cheesy picture. I guess I’ll just have to go back!


Things are about to get political. Veep is my newest obsession. I know it is in its second season, but I jut caught on to how funny it is. Even better, the show films in Washington, D.C. and Maryland so you can visit some of the actual exteriors. I went to D.C. when I was younger but don’t remember much of it. It is a place I desperately want to visit after watching West Wing, Scandal and now Veep.

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