5 TV Show Characters You Wouldn’t Want to Know In Real Life

I’ll admit it: I probably watch too much television. As I’ve watched different TV shows, mostly comedies, I’ve realized that each show, as funny is may be, has horrible people on it! Not the actors, obviously – I mean the characters! Sure, the most flawed and terrible characters also seem to make the most interesting and funny viewing experience, but would you want to know these people in real life?

1. Walter White – Breaking Bad

The main character from AMC’s HUGE hit Breaking Bad started off as a good enough guy. He was a good husband, good father, good teacher and a good brother-in-law. In the beginning, we all felt sorry for him. He was diagnosed with cancer and was told he only had a small amount of time to live. So he did what everyone else would do in that situation: he started a meth empire and made more money than he could ever use in his short life, with the excuse that he was stockpiling it for his family. And then he apparently went crazy and started killing people. And he wouldn’t stop! In the end, yes, I did still feel kind of sorry for him. It was an interesting character and story, but in real life, knowing him would probably lead to your own arrest or worse, death!

2. Carl Mike & Molly

He got dumped. We get it, that’s tough. But this guy refused to see how he was in the wrong! He also refused to see why it’s weird that he’s a grown man living with his grandmother. He also throws out a lot of fat jokes to his supposed best friend and partner, Mike. Mike still keeps him around, as he is his partner, but does he really have to hang out with him outside of work? No! I guess Carl is one of those people that he’s known for a long time and has grown to love, whether Mike agrees with him about everything or not. Keep in mind, there’s been a lot of episodes where Carl and Mike got into really heated arguments, which of course, was funny for the us, the home audience!

3. Castiel – Supernatural

While not losing his mind and trying to take over heaven, Castiel, the angel from Supernatural, is funny! He doesn’t understand Supernatural hunters Dean and Sam’s pop culture references, but that’s not why you wouldn’t want to hang out with the trenchcoat-wearing-cutie. When you’re talking to him, he disappears, sometimes when you’re in mid-sentence! Rude! When you’re least expecting it, he reappears! And when you need him the most, if you call out to him, he doesn’t show at all! I understand he had some issues going on with other angels out to get him and there are demons around everywhere, but he really needs to figure out how to be a good friend!

4. Sheldon Cooper – The Big Bang Theory

Should I make an entire other list of why one would not ever want to be friends with this guy in real life? He’s anal, he’s petty, he always thinks he’s right and he thinks he’s better than everyone. But there’s been a couple of times when Penny was in a jam that Sheldon came to the rescue. He may have complained through it, but he still did it. Somehow he maintains several friendships and even manages to have a long-term relationship. Sheldon isn’t a bad person, but I would never have the patience to be friends with someone like that.

5. Roger – American Dad

You never know who he’s going to show up as! The alien member of the Smith family usually puts on one of his many disguises then agrees to help someone in the family, only to change his mind once he sees a way that the situation can work for him. In one episode, Roger dressed as Ricky Spanish, an old disguise he once used and was horrible to everyone around him. Steve, the 14-year-old son of main character Stan Smith, decided to help Roger/Ricky make amends to all of those he’s wronged. He then, instead, decides to pull one last heist which then lands Steve in jail! The show is hilarious, and Roger is the main reason to watch, but in real life, he would’ve stabbed you in the back by now… both figuratively and literally!

Featured image via Comicvine; Other Photos via Collider, Supernatural on Facebook, Funny or Die, & Wikia