5 times Jason Momoa was the ultimate dad and melted all of us

We’ve found something better than staring at photo after photo of Jason Momoa: pictures of the god-like actor in full-fledged dad mode. It was extremely difficult to not get sidetracked by the endless reel of pics that show off Momoa’s muscles or his uncanny ability to make a glass of beer appear sexy. While the fact that the actor looks like someone sculpted him from premium male grittiness, golden fairy dust, and muscles continues to render us speechless, Momoa’s family is also too gorgeous to be true, including his stunning wife Lisa Bonet and the couple’s children.

Although Momoa doesn’t post many photos of his kids, these shots of the Batman v Superman star enjoying quality time with his adorable brood are the epitome of #dadgoals.

Here he is, preparing to spend summer with the kiddos.

ZOMG. Melting.

Dad of the year goes to Momoa, for graciously losing a game of chess to his son.

Here Momoa shows off a custom-made gift from his daughter. #proudpapa

Cradling his goddaughter totally counts as another one Momoa’s adorable dad moments.

After observing these heartwarming moments, it’s clear that Momoa’s the ultimate dad. We look forward to seeing more pics of Momoa interacting with his kids.

In the meantime, we’re off to continue shamelessly swoon and sigh over his Instagram selfies. We’re sure he won’t mind.

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