5 Times Julia Fox Shocked Us, From Her Mice-Infested Apartment to Her NYFW Body Bag

The actress/model and former dominatrix is always keeping her fans on their toes.

Julia Fox sure knows how to keep fans guessing. From eye-popping fashion to home tours to rants about the patriarchy on TikTok, the actress and model (who has openly spoken about previously being employed as a dominatrix) is seemingly an open book.

Fans first became familiar with the actress when she starred as Adam Sandler’s girlfriend in 2019’s Uncut Gems. Fox’s rise to stardom was catapulted after she was rumored to be dating Kanye West (neé Ye) right after his explosive split from ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

Since then, fans have gotten to know Fox pretty well from social media. She’s particularly active on TikTok, where she likes to explore beauty and fashion trends (or invent them herself), and share her honest takes on the world.

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One thing for certain is you never know what Fox is going to post about next. Keep reading for five times the actress truly left our jaws on the floor.

1. The time she carried a dummy in a body bag to NYFW

Never one to shy away from a shocking fashion “moment,” Fox left fans speechless over her final NYFW look. She was photographed strutting around Manhattan with red hair, wearing a black cropped jacket and gray miniskirt towing what appeared to be a dummy in a body bag.

According to Page Six, the striking accessory took on a rather humanistic appearance with its bombshell blond wig and platform boots. Dubbed the “body bag” by Toronto designer Mikhael Kale, it weighs 3.5 pounds and is 6 feet tall upright.

Earlier in the week, Fox was spotted donning a hot pink midi dress embellished with a large-than-life cartoon fluffy poodle. The dress was made out of pink sequins, apart from the poodle, which was created with white faux fur and fabric, per Harper’s Bazaar.

2. The time she dreamt about asking her dead best friend to “reincarnate into my child”

Fox didn’t need a gender reveal party to find out she was expecting a baby boy — her dead best friend came to her in a dream to deliver the news.

“When my best friend died and I got pregnant 6 months later and calculated his due date only to find out it was HER BIRTHDAY,” Fox revealed to fans on TikTok, adding “she came to me in a dream at 12 weeks pregnant and I asked her to please reincarnate into my child and she said ‘I would I really don’t wanna be a boy’ and that’s how I found out I was having a boy.”

While her friend didn’t come back as her son, Fox does have a portrait of her late friend hanging in her home.

3. The time she said she was Josh Safdie’s muse for Uncut Gems —and sent the internet into a spiral

While appearing on the Call Her Daddy podcast, Fox suggested that she was the inspiration behind her character in UnCut Gems. “There were a lot of similarities. Even in the character description, I was kind of like: ‘This is a little familiar.’ It was pretty spot-on,” Fox previously told the Guardian of being writer and director Josh Sadfie’s muse.

In an interview with the New York Times, Safdie backed up Fox’s claims noting he would often reach out to Fox during moments of writer’s block. “The character was kind of constantly evolving to become specific to her,” he admitted.

But, it was the way Fox said the words “Uncut Gemsssssss” that sent the internet into a spiral, sparking thousands of viral videos and memes.

4. The time she gave fans a tour of her mice-infested NYC apartment

During a home tour on TikTok, Fox alarmed fans when she shared that her Upper East Side apartment is seemingly infested with mice and she “doesn’t evict them.” Rather, she actually “appreciates them” because at night they come out and clean up the crumbs left behind by her 2-year-old son.

Elsewhere in the tour, Fox begs followers not to “judge her” for her cluttered kitchen littered with stacks of designer shoe boxes. It’s “very common for New Yorkers,” she argues in the video.

Fox also shows off her and her son’s bedrooms, though points out she still co-sleeps with her toddler. “Sue me, I don’t care,” Fox adds.

5. The time she wrote about her and Kanye West’s date — a play followed by photoshoot at Carbone and a suit filled with $100,000 worth of designer clothes

In a blog for Interview magazine, Fox divulged every single detail of her second date with Ye from their extravagant photoshoot at NYC hotspot Carbone to a surprise hotel suite waiting for her with nearly $100,000 worth of Diesel clothes.

According to Page Six, Diesel provided 40 full looks for Fox’s private fitting. The ensembles were pulled from Diesel’s Spring 2022 runway and Pre-Fall 2022 collection.

For her birthday, just one month later, the rapper presented Fox and her friends with mini Birkin bags — only for their fling to fizzle out shortly after.

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