5 Things We Want to Read in Mindy Kaling’s New Book

Internet friends, rejoice! Mindy Kaling, one of the most likable people on earth, is writing another book. Like her first, it promises to be filled with warm, fuzzy advice reminding you that you aren’t alone in this weird, crazy world. Mindy’s been majorly busy the past few years, and she’s got a few things to say.

Her first book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) was cute, in a self-deprecating Hannah Horvath kind of way. But her new book, titled Why Not Me?, teases a more confident side of Mindy, and lets us know (nicely) that she’s not going anywhere any time soon. The title “has kind of been my subconscious motto my whole life,” she told the Los Angeles Times. I can’t wait to read the book. If I could pre-order it now, I would. Until then, here are five things I hope Mindy will write about in Why Not Me?

1. How Life Has Changed Since The Mindy Project Started Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) tells the story of Mindy’s life up until she landed her own time in the spotlight. She talks about getting her start with Matt & Ben, tells hilarious tales from her time working on The Office and even speaks to her short-lived stint at SNL. But that Mindy is a million miles away from the Mindy who just renewed her own TV show for a third season. We have some catching up to do.

2. More On Her Relationship With B.J. Novak No matter how much she addresses this relationship, it will never be enough. Whenever either of them promote each others’ work or there’s a guest star situation, I squeal with delight. Will they co-write a book? Co-write a show? Co-write my life? If Mindy references B.J. Novak in any capacity, I will be happy.

3. Her Relationship With Her Mom Mindy’s first book touched heavily on the influence and support of her family, and I imagine her parents will be back in her writing again, at least as supporting characters. The Mindy Project got the green light the day her mother passed away from pancreatic cancer, and I don’t doubt this is a subject that weighs heavily on her mind. Her mother is a continued source of influence in her professional career: Mindy’s mother was an OB/GYN, just like Dr. Lahiri. No coincidence there. Mother/daughter relationships are extra special, and I hope she has special memories she is willing to share with us from the time she was able to spend with her mom.

4. Her Relationship With Her Fans If Mindy’s star power was high when she released her first book, it’s through the roof now. As the kind of person who makes random assumptions about celebrities, let me say that Mindy seems like the kind of person who takes the time to read, appreciate and take to heart a lot of the love fans give her. I hope she addresses some of her positive interactions with fans, and if she needs any examples, I’m available to facilitate such an instance.

5. What’s Next? We’re getting more Mindy Project. We’re getting the book. Not to sound selfish, but is there anything else Mindy has coming our way? Is there anything else she’s always wanted to do, or try, or create? Maybe Beyoncé Pad Thai wasn’t a joke, guys.

So, Mindy Kaling, those are just some topics for you to consider while you write Why Not Me?. The only thing cooler than your first book is the fact that you’re writing a second. Thank you for reminding women everywhere how to be a badass lady boss. And thank you for raising the question: Yeah, why not me?

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