Want To Skip Prom? Here’s 5 Fun Things To Do Instead

For some reason, prom is looked at as a rite of passage. I can’t tell you why a night of getting dressed up and dancing up on your peers is symbol of being an almost adult, but it seems like everyone says, “You’d better go to your prom or you’ll regret it!” I suppose it’s considered a big deal because a) movies have hyped it up and b) it happens during your last year of high school just before you are about to begin college. There’s a trend lately to have elaborate and romantic prom proposals. You heard me right. PROM PROPOSALS, with some as elaborate as marriage proposals! Why?! In my mind, when you go to prom, you’re at that wonderful age where you have just enough responsibility to feel cool without having to be a responsible adult, so enjoy it! I’m not trying to say prom is the worst, because it’s not! Even though my hair came out looking like the powdered wig of a judge, I had fun at my prom. But the memories from high school that I happily look back on are not from an end-of-the-year dance that brought me more stress than excitement. So I made this list of five prom alternatives. 5 Things to Do With Friends Instead of Prom

1. Get dressed up and watch old awards shows.
You can still get dressed up like you would for prom but you get the added bonus of laying on a couch with your best friends and laughing at the way old movie stars talked. In fact, every February during the Academy Awards, I throw on my high school prom dress and drink ginger ale out of a champagne flute.

2. Go see that Rom-Com. 

You know that movieyou feel a little guilty to admit you want to see? Go see it! (But don’t feel guilty because I promise that all of your friends want to see it too). Make a night of it! Invite your friends and get your nails done, see a movie, get frozen yogurt, and then drive around blasting Ellie Goulding!

3. Go to a spa. 

Gather up your friends and relax. Rent a limo anyway because (at the risk of sounding like a diva) being chauffeured around is kind of the best. Graduation is coming up anyway, right? Take a load off.

4. Go to a late night comedy show and then a 24-hr diner.

Some of my favorite memories take place late at night after comedy shows and in a diner. You don’t have to stress about your hair or makeup. Definitely don’t stress about having a date or how to ask the date you want. Just laugh with your friends and then eat a ton of french fries!

5. Sign each other’s yearbooks.

This may sound silly and maybe your school has a special day for this but mine didn’t and I’m still a little sad about it. Invite your friends over, retell all of your most embarrassing stories from high school, talk about how scared/excited you might be for college. Just be sure to tell the people you love that you love them, duh!

Or if you throw these ideas away and go to prom, have a blast! Just don’t stress because I promise it’ll be great!Featured image via ShutterStock.