5 things all people who are obsessed with their dogs have thought before

I have two dogs, Milo and Lily, and I love them more than I ever thought I could love a pet. They truly are my family — they’re the background on my phone, they sleep in my bed, and in the wintertime, they have cuter coats than I do. My partner Dane and I spare no expense making sure they are happy and healthy, because they are truly the most loving and amazing dogs I’ve ever met — they are playful and fun, and their personalities are so different and unique. They calm my anxiety better than any other self-care method or medication I’ve tried, and they make me laugh every single day. I honestly don’t know where I’d be without them — they make my life so much better, and I’m so grateful we all found each other.

They also make me think these things that I’m pretty sure all other loving dog owners have thought before:

“I wish I could text my dog.”

I think this all the time. Whenever I’m not with them and I see another dog, my heart tugs a little bit, and I instantly want to go back home. How much easier would it be if our dogs could text? I would get them each their own phones, just to see what they’re up to during the day and let them know I’m on the way home. I wonder which emojis would be their fave…

“How will I ever love my kids more than this?”

I love kids. I used to be a nanny, and I always took care of other children as if they were my own. But I honestly love Milo and Lily so much that I don’t know how I’ll love my own children more than them! I know, I know, having a child is supposed to be the best feeling in the world, and my mom always tells me that nothing can compare, but still — it’s a thought I have all the time, and until it happens, I’ll just keep on thinking it.

“What are they thinking right now?”

Sometimes, they make faces that just CRACK me up. They also will crawl around on the floor or under our table and chairs for seemingly no reason, and I am forced to wonder, “WHAT are they thinking right now?” I bet all parents, of dogs, cats, and children, have this thought, and I really wish I could ask them what they’re up to when I have it.

“Can I call into work and just say, ‘sorry, my dog is too cute today’?”

To be honest, I have this thought nearly every single morning. Lily likes to sleep on the extra pillows above my head, and when I wake up in the morning and start to move, she makes the cutest little grumbly noise. We call her “Gremlil,” like Gremlin but with her own little twist (I know, but give me a break). Once Milo hears that we’re awake, he hops up on the bed and starts saying his good mornings, and we have a morning cuddle session. It’s the best, but it sure makes it hard to get up and get going.

“I have the best dog/s in the world.”

This one is obvious. Everyone thinks it, some people say it, and I’m of the opinion that everyone is correct — we all have the best dogs, cats, birds, and rats for us. I think that we all found exactly the companions we needed to find, and I’m not necessarily the kind of person who thinks that things always work out, but Milo and Lily have shown me that at least in our case, the saying sometimes rings true.

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