5 Random Things We Learned About Emma Stone in the Past 14 Days

Emma Stone is like a birthday present inside a Christmas gift inside a Fourth of July firework—there’s always something new, surprising, and delightful about her. And in the past two weeks, while she’s been promoting her new film Magic in the Moonlight, Emma’s been revealing all kinds of gems about herself. Here are just some of the things we’ve learned:

1)  She has particular opinions on men’s fashion.

During an appearance on The Daily Show, Stone opened up about her not-so-favorite looks on men. No preppy polo shirts allowed and no turtlenecks. Let’s hope Andrew Garfield never commits those cardinal sins.

2) She’s never seen Game of Thrones.

She told MTV News she thinks it’s a “joke show” that’s been made up to mess with us.

3) She believes in ghosts.

Or at least the occasional visit from the great beyond. She shared the story of her deceased grandfather leaving quarters around for her to find. Emma’s mind is open and says if yours is too, the magic will materialize!

4) She thought she was going to get fired after the first day of filming Magic in the Moonlight.

Director Woody Allen was intimidating, there was no rehearsal, and everyone was super nervous. “I was certain of being fired,” she told the New York Times. But once everyone settled in, everything went swimmingly.

5) She live-texted her Magic co-star Colin Firth while watching Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason on TV.

So, basically she’s just as rascally a BFF as we all imagined and hoped she’d be.

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