5 Things I Hope Will Happen When Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Host The Golden Globes

It’s no secret we dig on the Saturday Night Live ladies here at HelloGiggles all 365 days of the year, but there is no better time to be a Tina Fey and Amy Poehler fan than Golden Globes season. They are plastered all over the media and you get a glorious two-ish hours to unabashedly hang out with with television’s funniest ladies while forcing your surrounding friends and family to turn off those gosh darn sports.

Last year marked Tina and Amy’s first crack at the dual hosting duty and a job done well deserves a repeat. When it was announced they will be hosting not only the 2014, but also the 2015 Golden Globes, that was quite the jolt of joy. But now that the big show is just a day away, it’s time. It’s time to follow every step of coverage. It’s time to figure out the perfect #hashtag. It’s time to daydream about how well these pillars of modern comedy will do at center stage on one of Hollywood’s biggest nights.

While predicting the acts and ideas of Tina and Amy is no small feat, I can’t help but imagine. To help me stay off the cliff that is over excitement, I harnessed my Globes energy into good by making a list! Here are 5 things I hope will happen this Sunday when Tina and Amy host the Golden Globes:

5. Neil Patrick Harris will heckle them from the audience
During NPH’s Emmy hosting duties last year, Tina and Amy yelled at him to take his pants off  (hey they were just saying what you were thinking). While everyone stayed full clothed, the bit earned some viral steam and we wouldn’t mind being privy to a sequel.


4. Maya Rudolph shows up
There’s really nothing left to say here. I just want this to happen and more importantly, the world is jonseing for a Bronx Beat fix.

3. They do something delightfully weird during the Best TV Actress in a Comedy category
With so much funny in one category, something wild always goes down for the Best TV Actress segment. This year Amy is once again nominated but because 30 Rock is over, Tina is not. With Zooey Deschanel, Edie Falco, Lena Dunham and Julia Louis Dreyfus rounding out this incredible category, we know this group has something tricky up their sleeves. And really folks, I’m just happy to be nominated.

2. Taylor Swift brings Michael J. Fox’s son as her date
At last year’s broadcast, Sam Fox aka Michael J. Fox’s son was Mr. Golden Globes meaning he got some onstage time. Fey joked “You know what, Taylor Swift, you stay away from Michael J. Fox’s son” and it was hilarious until T Swift didn’t think so. You you know what would be even funnier? The forbidden twosome strutting the red carpet.


1. The monologue is the thing dreams are made of
The first part of the night where Tina and Amy get to give their monologue is what I am looking forward to most. They have all year to watch as Hollywood makes winners and losers out of itself and it all comes together in a beautiful joke-storm. These are the clips that will set the tone for the entire night and the bits that will be in everyone’s newsfeed the next day. A good monologue means a killer night and I wouldn’t expect anything less from my two best pals.

The 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards will air live Sunday, January 12 at 8pm EST on NBC.

Featured image via ramascreen.com