Here are the 5 products for natural hair that you should absolutely splurge on

Between drugstore buys and DIYs, it’s totally possible to have gorge natural kinks and curls for the low. However, that doesn’t mean you should totally ignore the more expensive products. After all, many of them can work wonders for natural hair and are SO worth dropping extra dough. Guard your debit card if you want to, because here are five splurges your ‘fro will love.

Devadryer and Devafuser

Even if you’re in the middle of an epic #NoHeat break, you may need a blowdryer at some point. Natural hair takes forever to air dry and showing up to work with a microfiber towel turban isn’t a good look. The hand-shaped diffuser is the coolest part of the Devadryer and you can buy it on its own if you’re on a budget. Use it to create volume and defined curls or try it in tapping motions to shape your ‘fro. You can find the Devadryer here for $159.

Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding

Anything labeled “pudding” is a good thing in my book, and Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding is no different. If you’re heavy-handed with product beware —you’ll go through this eight oz. tub in no time. Sure, the instructions use baffling phrases like “nickel-size amount,” but who actually does that? Grab a jar here for $22.

Hercules Sagemann Magic Star Comb

Detangling is a nightmare, and snags and shedding only make it worse. While normal combs have seams that yank at fragile curls, causing excess breakage, seamless combs are worth their weight in gold. A $50 investment in easier detangling sessions and more growth retention isn’t too bad, right? Buy one here.

Silk Pillowcase or Scarf

When it comes to overnight curl protection, there’s a lot of debate over silk pillowcases versus silk scarves. It all comes down to a matter of preference — just keep in mind that whichever you choose, it should actually be silk and NOT satin.

What’s the difference? Well, silk is a natural fiber and is almost always on the pricey side. Satin, on the other hand, is a type of weave that can be performed with different fibers so it’ll vary in price. A cheap satin pillowcase or scarf is most likely polyester threads woven in a satin pattern. If you want to protect your hair (and skin!) from friction and losing moisture, you gotta go for a silky splurge. You can find a silk scarf or pillowcase at any nice department store. Here’s a pretty nude pillowcase for $79 and a pure silk scarf for $40.80.

Ouidad Curl Immersion Low Lather Coconut Cleansing Conditioner

The bad news is that a lot of cleansing conditioners aren’t as gentle as they claim to be. Some are as bad as normal shampoos or even worse. The good news is that Ouidad’s actually works and if you can get used to the feeling of low lather, you’ll never look back. Buy a bottle here for $36.

Now go forth and be fabulous. A couple nights of Ramen noodles won’t kill ya!


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