5 Shows That Need to Be on Netflix, ASAP

I think it’s clear now, that we, as humans, CRAVE entertainment. We also crave entertainment we can enjoy specifically from the comfort of our own homes and at the drop of a hat. Enter Netflix. Netflix is like a magical dream that became a reality where I can watch Bob’s Burgers over and over again (until I want to watch the latest season and switch to Hulu Plus) and re-watch the entire series of Wings (I’m up to season 7). Or, as I did recently, I can watch the Brony documentary and then watch some episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Like MAGIC! But sometimes, you get yourself amped up to watch something and have to face the fact that it does not exist to stream on Netflix. Major bummer. Here are some shows we’ve gone to watch and sadly realized, don’t exist on Netflix.

1. Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld did a Reddit AMA recently and was asked if Seinfeld would be available online and teased us all saying, according to Huffington Post, “You are a very smart and progressive person. These conversations are presently taking place.” Who knows what this means but hopefully, soon, we’ll be able to select an episode of Seinfeld to watch, rather than being at the mercy of reruns.

It would be this exciting:

2. Clarissa Explains It All

The Melissa Joan Hart early ’90s show was everything to me as a kid. I have the first season on DVD and loved remembering all the episodes but really, I just want it on Netflix. Please let me re-live every moment and ogle her amazing bedroom décor and personal style. I could really use a couple of her outfits too, while we’re at it.

3. The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Speaking of Nickelodeon and Things I Watched As a Kid, we need The Mary Tyler Moore Show on Netflix! Now! I watched so much Nick at Nite growing up I never realized this wasn’t a modern show. I love Mary Richards so much and she’s such a positive role model and everything but also, she works at a TV station and there’s an amazing cast of characters and I really think if more people were able to watch it, they’d love it as much as I did.

Was that a good pitch? It was, right? It’s an inspiring show and also just a good and entertaining show. Do it!

Which transitions nicely into Happy Endings via this:

4. Happy Endings

Happy Endings got three seasons on TV and for that I am grateful but I wanted more! In lieu of that, I’d love to be able to stream all the episodes on Netflix whenever I want. I need Penny and Max in my life always and I need them ASAP.

5. Friends

Can you even believe it? Friends is NOT on Netflix. Now, yes, I do own the whole series on DVD as well as Blu-ray but sometimes I’d like to watch it on my iPad and for that, I’d need Netflix! Like Seinfeld, Friends is one of those shows that’s always on TV in re-runs so it feels like it’s accessible but is actually not!

What did I forget? What shows are you desperate for on your Netflix queue?

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