5 Scary Movies That Nearly Scarred Me For Life

As a kid, I probably saw too many scary movies, as my mother and older brother loved them. But for some reason, they didn’t become overwhelmingly scary until I was an adult. The first scary movie I remember bothering me as a kid was Carrie. Though I didn’t see the entire film, I just remember that last part where Carrie’s hand came out of the ground where her house burned down. Yes, it turned out to be the friend’s nightmare, but that nearly ruined me.

As a teen, I really got into the Nightmare on Elm Street films, especially Part 5, Dream Warrior. Remember that was the movie with Patricia Arquette in a mental hospital? That was my favorite scary movie, and I don’t remember it scaring me too much. It wasn’t until I was about 20 and started seeing these type of movies all the time because I was dating someone who loved them (and then later became my husband). Since then, I can’t handle them! So in honor of Halloween, I decided to face my fears (for a minute or two) and talk about the 5 movies that nearly ruined my life.

5. 1408

I’ve spoken with people about this film, starring John Cusack as a man who doesn’t believe in the old tale of a supposedly haunted hotel room. No one seems to find this film as scary as I do, not even my husband who at most will say it was “creepy”. Okay, it was creepy, but it was so creepy I lost sleep for a couple of nights. Not only is the hotel room haunted, you can’t get out of the room! And you can’t call anyone! And whatever is haunting the room wants you to kill yourself! And it can create a false reality, so you think you’re out of the room, but you really were still in the room the entire time! If that’s not scary, I don’t know what the hell is!

4. Night of the Living Dead

Okay, this was scary when I was a kid because my brother would say to me “They’re coming to get you Barbara”. Yeah, and I’m 6 years younger than him so that’s really not nice, now is it? I can’t exactly include Michael Jackson’s Thriller in this because it’s a music video, but anything with zombies scare the crap out of me! Night of the Living Dead is the ultimate scary zombie movie, and I will never watch it again, under any circumstances. Zombies busting through windows and doors to get you to eat you? No thank you!

3. The Grudge

So there’s some lady ghost killing people due to the fact that she was killed during a horrible rage. Then there’s the creepy ghost kid. Isn’t there a cat in there somewhere too? I’m not re-watching it to write this article because I don’t feel like ruining my life today. Either way, I went to see this film in the movie theater with my husband. I had to shut my eyes a few times and I remember even crying at some point. You know what, I don’t want to talk about this movie anymore. A similar film to see would be Dark Water, which didn’t scare me as much, but a good film none the less. Both the original Japanese version from 2002 and the re-make with Jennifer Connelly were creepy, but not life-ruiningly.

2. The Exterminating Angel

I’m pretty sure not many have seen this film. I only heard of it because of the Woody Allen film with Owen Wilson called Midnight in Paris. Owen goes back in time, hangs with very famous artists and writers and runs into filmmaker Luis Bunuel and tells him “you should write a movie where a bunch of people sit down to a dinner party then can’t leave”. After that, I said “I have to see this film!” So I bought it, and watched it, then had nightmares about it. Okay, the film isn’t horror or shockingly scary. It’s just extremely creepy. There’s a group of rich people who have gone to a friend’s house for dinner and for some reason or another, find reasons to never leave this one room in the house! A day goes by, and they begin to realize that no one has left that room! On top of that, people outside on the street are worried about their family members inside, and cannot go into the house! They are stuck in that one room of the mansion for days…they begin to starve, are thirsty…people die. It’s just really creepy. Why can’t they leave the room?! Then think about the title…even creepier!

1. The Ring

The Ring is a masterpiece of a film. I believe I saw this when it first came out at the movie theaters also. It was creepy and scary as crap! A little girl was murdered by her own mother, and now wants to kill from beyond the grave! For some reason, I felt the need to watch this film more than once, and surprise!, I lost sleep over it. When I closed my eyes at night, I could see Samara, the creepy little killer girl, coming out of my tv to kill me! And who can forget the videotape? If you watch it, you get a phone call from Samara saying “7 days”. And, of course, then you die in 7 days! I don’t want to talk about this anymore. It’s bringing back bad memories.

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