5 Reasons You Should Be Watching STEVIE TV

Have you guys all gotten the cultural memo to watch Stevie TV, a sketch comedy show starring the brilliant and beautiful, Stevie Ryan?  If you haven’t, I strongly suggest you metaphorically check your email (!) with the subject line “You best to be watching Stevie TV, girl!”  which will air on Friday May 31st at 10pm, only on Vh1.

Some of you may be asking yourselves, “For real though, Edward – why do we need to be watching Stevie TV?’  And that’s a totally fair and relevant question, which I hope to answer, thereby quenching your curiosity and sending you on an orbit of giggles and empowerment and topical, zeitgeistian awareness.

Here are five reasons to watch Stevie TV:

1. LOLosophy: Stevie TV abides by one rule, and that rule is hilarity.  On the reezy, the show is absolutely hysterical!  And I’m not just saying that, simply because I wrote on the show!  Well, actually, I guess I can’t skirt around that fact, but that’s also like me saying, “OMG! You have to watch Bridesmaids!  It’s super hysterical!”  See what I mean?  One can be objective about hilarity when funny is just plain funny.

2. Started from the Bottom (now she’s here): Why quote Drake to illustrate my point?  Why not?!  If Amanda Bynes is allowed to tweet vulgar desperate come-ons, I think I should be allowed to unabashedly quote Drizzy.  Much like Drizzy, Stevie Ryan literally started from the bottom and worked her way up the ladder to achieve her dreams.  Way back in the day (circa five [plus] years ago), when most people weren’t really on that YouTube tip yet, Stevie was fully on board.  Posting her own content and creating her own iconic characters, Stevie got noticed by the world and Hollywood, which led to the creation of Stevie TV.

3. Stevie Ryan is a Quintuple Threat: Stevie Ryan surpassed the triple threat mark a hot minute ago.  While she’s probably passed the quintuple threat threshold as well, I can honestly say that Stevie is smart, funny, beautiful, versatile, and she’s an O.G. twerk machine. Take that, Hollywood!

4. Popping Off to Pop Culture: Pop culture is like that generic, beautiful, popular girl at your high school who everyone loves, but who is also totally vapid, only cares about herself, and ultimately isn’t that smart.  In high school, you sort of just had to accept a girl like that as the queen bee, but in the adult high school of life, you can develop a television show around making fun of people like that.  And that’s exactly what Stevie TV does.  It pops off and makes fun of the absurdity of pop culture in an intelligible, savvy, no freaks given sort of way.  Chances are that if something in the zeitgeist is entirely too ridiculous for words, Stevie TV will clown it via sketch.  But before you go thinking that this all sounds entirely too mean, just realize that there’s love and admiration behind every joke, just like the love and admiration you might have minutely felt for that popular girl.

5. Miss Swan: Watching Stevie transform into all the various characters that she plays is nothing short of magnificent.  She is a swan, and it’s really an art form.  It reminds me of great, transformative sketch artists of yore like Carol Burnett and Gilda Radner and even those who are slightly less of yore, like Tracey Ullman and Kristen Wiig.  As a viewer-prior to having any affiliation with the show-there was never a moment when I couldn’t wait to see who Stevie would transform into, and that is her gift.  But it’s a win-win, because it’s also a gift for us all.

And those are five reasons to watch Stevie TV.  Please allow me to crystallize this very moment with a callback to someone just as notorious as Stevie Ryan.   To quote the late, great Biggie Smalls, “if you don’t know, now you know.”  Again, Stevie TV airs TONIGHT, Friday, May 31st at 10pm on Vh1.  If you’re like Tweets McTweetersen, you can tweet about the show by using the hashtag #STEVIETV.  Also, feel free to tweet at me or Stevie, we promise not to bite (unless you’re pop culture).

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