5 Reasons to Watch “Hipsterhood”

More often than not, hipsters are reduced to the punchline of a joke. Even those of us who have hipster tendencies are quick to point out others of our kind in a “ugh, hipsters,” mildly-irritated-fashion. But really when it comes down to it, hipsters are fun. They’re the young and trendy George Costanzas of the world. They’re neurotic, quirky, sometimes insecure, and always adorable.

When I stumbled onto the first season of Hipsterhood (a rom-com web series from Blip.TV that follows two trendy 20-somethings as they explore the ins-and-outs of dating), I knew I would be fully entertained. The series is based in Silver Lake, which is considered to be the hipster-mecca of the Los Angeles area. The characters are Faux Fur Girl and Cereal Guy. They run into each other several times throughout the first season and know each other only by these nicknames. Their hipster-neuroses get in the way of them directly interacting and learning each other’s real names.

Season one was wonderful and ALL 10 EPISODES of season two will premiere on August 27th! And if you watch them all at once like a baller TV binger, there’s minimal ad interruption! I’m so excited I just want to jump up and down in my intentionally mis-matched socks and blast my new indie playlist. If you haven’t seen season one, here are five reasons you’ll absolutely love this show.

1) Hipsters are lovable.

They run errands like the normal people, but they do it while humming the theme songs of 90’s cartoons. And while they seem confident for wearing fashion trends that are a little out there, they’re just as insecure and nervous about approaching that cute guy/girl in the grocery store as the rest of us.

2) Hipsters are clumsy.

In season one, Faux Fur Girl and Cereal Guy end up at the same coffee shop and while trying to play it cool, they both end up spilling their drinks on themselves. And in true hipster fashion, they both try to play it off like the stains are part of the ensembles they’re wearing.

3) Hipsters are great money savers.

Faux Fur Girl is a big fan of the 99 Cent Store and coincidentally, Cereal Guy is too. Sure, they both end up shopping for random items that they’ll probably never use, but hey, at least they do it on a budget.

4) Hipsters crave originality.

They all want to be the first and last person to do something. Faux Fur Girl actually has to ditch her beloved faux fur vest for a bit (because of the coffee stain) and buys a different vest from Forever21 that the sales girl said, “nobody is buying.” Her world practically ends when she sees Cereal Guy strolling around the 99 Cent Store with another girl who is WEARING THE SAME VEST! #sadface

5) Hipsters are taking over the world.

Silver Lake isn’t the only place overrun by hipsters. They’re slowly taking over our world with vintage shops and organic juice marts. Have you taken a close look at your neighborhood lately? You might just find yourself in the middle of the next Hipsterhood.

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