5 reasons mixtapes are still the greatest gift of all time (and always will be)

Ah, remember mixtapes? No, not talking about the Hamilton one that just came out. (though it’s sooooo good!) We are talking about physical tangible cassette or CD mixtapes that your best friend painstakingly created so you could finally understand the genius of Prince (for example). Okay, you might be too young to remember physical copies of mixtapes, but we’re sure you have a ton of playlists set up on Spotify or Tidal, which are pretty much the digital version of mixtapes.

As you wrap up your last-minute gift giving, consider adding a personalized mixtape. We are 100 percent convinced it’s the best present of all time. Here’s why.

1 The personal touch


What is more thoughtful than a mixtape from your best friend or sister or significant other? Think about the time and effort that goes behind creating a seamless string of music for someone to enjoy. Whoever is lucky to receive such a gift will appreciate it beyond words.

2 You get to share and discover new music 


It’s impossible to keep track of all the great artists out there. There’s so much to go through that it can feel overwhelming. If you’ve got the musical chops, a mixtape created and curated with great music is the perfect way to help your loved ones keep up with the Zeitgeist.

3 The artwork!


If you love going ham on your presents, creating a mixtape for someone provides an opportunity to get reallllllyyy creative. You can make it a themed mixtape and pick music based on feelings for example. You can draw or animate a really cool cover that introduces the theme or just shows off your artistic skills.

4 Showing off your musical knowledge 


Mixtapes are a perfect way to let your friends know they can come to you for some top level musical knowledge. Maybe they already do, but if they don’t a stellar mixtape could become your calling card.

5 Nostalgia


Nostalgia is an incredible force in our lives. And for those that grew up on creating, getting, or trading mixtapes, receiving one in 2016 could bring back some beautiful childhood memories. Give someone nostalgia of simpler times and help them forget the awfulness that was 2016.