5 Reasons Louis CK Wins at Life

After an unbearably long hiatus, Louis CK’s FX show ‘Louie’ returned this week for its fourth season—and it’s as funny and dry and full of discomfort as ever before.

And as I watched the show, it hit me that this comic genius is all around fantastic. He’s not only funny, he’s smart and generous and honest. He gets it. Not only do we want to watch him perform, we want to grab a beer with him afterwards. Here are five specific reasons he wins at life.

#1 He’s a good father.
One of Louis CK’s most endearing qualities is how much he obviously loves his daughters. From his incredibly cute portrayal of them on his show to his recent Twitter rant about education reform (and how it relates to his daughters and their school), it’s clear he’s fully engaged and invested in their lives.

#2: He tells it like it is no matter what.
Whether he’s discussing race, gender, drugs or death, Louis CK does not mince words. He’s relentless in his pursuit of honesty—and while his audience might squirm, they’re also laughing hysterically.

#3 He’s once-in-a-generation funny.
Whether you’re in your 20s, 30s, 50s or 70s, Louis CK makes you laugh. His humor is so relatable and on the mark, it’s ageless. Everyone relates. It’s a rare comedian who can tap into the human psyche so well.

#4 He knows what he wants and doesn’t settle.
Louis CK refused to relinquish any creative control of his show —and his vision resulted in a loyal and passionate audience. Needless to say, he’s the envy of every writer or director in Hollywood.

#5 He refuses to conform.
When it comes to his jokes, his style, and his lifestyle, Louis CK doesn’t play by the rules. And he does it in a way that isn’t insulting or off putting. In fact, he’s downright charming in his disregard of what’s expected. It’s refreshing and empowering.