5 reasons you deserve that Pumpkin Spice Latte today

November brings about the end of the pumpkin spice latte season – gasp. Sure, you could possibly continue to indulge into December, but that month really has more of a “chocolate mint” or “eggnog” flavored coffee extravaganza type vibe, and it is important to keep up with these things to stay relevant as a human being.

Since pumpkin spice season officially begins the second any leaf anywhere turns the slightest shade of fall color, it can seem a little long. It eventually becomes tiring to hear all the chatter about these beloved fall treats. (They use real pumpkin this year did you hear? #psl #psl #psl). There are always tons of jokes about girls in leggings, ugg boots and baggy sweaters basically bathing themselves in anything pumpkin spice (Pumpkin spice scented toilet paper? Sold. Pumpkin spice toothpaste? Debatable but…what the heck – sold.)

But all jokes and eye-rolling accompanied comments aside, the pumpkin spice latte is delicious. Really delicious. So, as we end this PSL season strong, make sure you capitalize on every opportunity to indulge, because life is short and we should make it as spicy as possible. If you are ever on the fence about whether you should head to the coffee shop and order up, here are five very serious reasons you deserve that Pumpkin Spice Latte.

1. The Weather

Did you see that cloud today? You know the one. It was there.  It blocked the sun for awhile around that time in the early afternoon, and it was a little bit depressing. The grey fall weather can be quite dreary, and a threat to your mental health. Plus, with winter just about to rear it’s terrifying head at us, we need to do our best to keep our spirits up before we have to whip out the snow shovels to get outside and scrape ice off our windshields every morning. So, because the weather was less than ideal today, and who knows what it will bring tomorrow, you deserve that pumpkin spice latte to keep things feeling festive.

2. Fall TV

The season of new fall TV shows is a glorious time. But, it also causes one small issue: late night streaming binges that can result in very difficult to wake-up-and-function-normally- mornings. And we all want to be at our most productive best so, when things are dragging because you were up too late watching season 9,957 of American Idol, or whatever televised vice that keeps you ticking, just make things simple. Get yourself that pumpkin spice latte the next day, no questions about it. Your boss, your family, your spouse – everyone will be glad you did. Because the pumpkin spiced you, is the best kind of you.

3. Fall clothes

Fall is the best season for fashion. Layer it all on, sista, because the weather is getting cold and the choices of what you can wear are getting pretty dang cute. But all those extra sweaters and socks and thick jeans can really weigh you down – literally. I mean, do you know how heavy a wool poncho can be these days? They’re not messing around. You may as well be wearing one of those lead vests at the dentist. So when all those layers begin to feel a little weighty, and you are struggling just to make it up a flight of stairs without taking three-and-a-half cat naps along the way, do what is best. Get that Pumpkin Spice Latte. Looking good has never been easy, especially in fall. We all need to do what we need to survive the struggles.

4. Your coworker

I cannot believe what your coworker said to you. How rude. Granted, it was via email, and the tone really could get lost in translation, but that is besides the point. There was a genuine reason to believe that they were at least 25% sassy to you. And that is just too much to take right now. Doesn’t she know how tired you are from your late night TV binge and heavy sweater wearing? Humanity, I tell ya. So, when work gets you down, rise above via a cloud of Pumpkin Spice Latte. Be the better person by drowning any negative vibes with a warm cup of nutmeggy cinnamon caffeinated bliss. Maybe – just maybe – if you are really feeling the PSL spirit vibes, you can get one for said coworker as well, as a “hey, no hard feelings” type of peace offering. Maybe.

5. Because it is still fall

Do we really need this list of reasons? Perhaps not, because the main reason to get that latte is literally falling all around you (too much pun? Nah). The time is here and now, and pretty soon snowmen and Santa will be at the forefront of our festivities, and the lowly pumpkin will take a back seat as a simple ingredient in a pie that will likely be passed over in favor of the holiday cookie platter. So, live it up. Celebrate this season while you can. Embrace that colder weather, enjoy the crunch of leaves under your boots and caffeinate yourself well. Because you deserve it. And this time of your life only happens once. Well, once a year I guess. But still. The time is now. Drink that pumpkin spice. Heck drink seven of them. Do it. Love it. Do it because you love it. #ppssssllllllllllllforeva

(Image via Starbucks)

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