5 reasons your cat is actually your soulmate

What is there not to love about pets?

I’ve always known that I was a cat lady — dogs are affectionate and adorable, sure, but there’s nothing like a cat to curl up with and make you feel really loved. I’ve come to accept my fate as a cat lady, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a bad thing. Cats are affectionate, hilarious creatures, and who needs a significant other when you have someone to love you unconditionally right there — paws and all. In fact, here are a few signs that your cat could actually be your soulmate.

Cats make you earn their love.

Cats are notoriously independent creatures. They like to cuddle, roll over, and show affection — but only when it’s convenient for them. Yet, that’s one of the reasons why I, and so many others, love them. It’s so rewarding when a new cat is comfortable enough with you to actually let you pet them in their sweet spots. You may have to fight a little, but the affection you get back can be well worth it. Like any ~real~ relationship, it takes work.

They’re low-maintenance (in the ways that count)

Sure, cats can be picky about who they show their affection to — but caring for them is surprisingly low-maintenance. As far as the bare necessities, they really only need food to eat, water to drink, and a place to poop, and a few adorable cat toys — that’s it.

They make great memes

Your soulmate should make you laugh, and who doesn’t love a funny viral meme? It shouldn’t surprise you that so many hilarious animal memes feature cats. Their faces and actions are adorable — and their mannerisms make them natural social media stars. Why else would so many viral social media accounts be dedicated to feline pets all over the world?

They just make for awesome companions

Cats may not be able to talk back to you, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not great listeners. They cuddle and comfort you. Their presence can make you feel so much better — especially after a long day. Some of your friends may think it’s weird that you talk to your cat, but really, it can help you connect with your pet.

They live the life that we’ve always wanted

Admit it — you’ve been before about the lives that cats lead. After all, their days are filled with things that everyone loves: eating, sleeping, playing around, and getting affection when they feel like it.

These are just a few reasons that we love cats, and know them to be our true soulmates. Embrace your inner cat lover too (you know you want to).